J-1 Adapter Installation Guides


Click on one of the links below for more detailed information on specific installation instructions for your particular application.

To find the right adapter for your watercraft, visit https://bixpy.info. You can also find answers to many frequently answered questions at: www.bixpy.com/faqs.  

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Adapters for J-1 Motors


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Steering Systems

Instructional & features Videos

  • Mating your Bixpy Connectors - Video
  • Putting together a Bixpy SwimJet™ (Snorkel or Scuba Editions)
  • Changing your Bixpy Outboard Remote Control battery
  • Charging your Bixpy Batteries
  • Turning on your Bixpy Outboard Battery without your Bixpy Outboard Remote Control
  • Syncing your Bixpy Outboard Remote Control to your Bixpy Outboard Battery (batteries with Blue LED only)
Small repairs and maintenance