Hobie® Pro Angler/Compass WillFit™ Adapter

Powering your Hobie Pro Angler or Hobie Compass is easy and requires no modification of your kayak. You can use the Hobie Pro Angler / Compass WillFit™ Adapter along with a Power Pole Plate from Hobie (or your local Hobie dealer). Be sure to purchase the correct Hobie Power Pole plate for your kayak. Hobie Pro Anglers and Compass kayaks have vastly different Power Pole Plates. See below for installation of the Power Pole plate and the Hobie Pro Angler / Compass WillFit™ Adapter. 

Please note that the Hobie Pro Angler / Compass WillFit™ Adapter ships in the locked position since your Hobie kayaks already have rudder steering as a standard feature. However, if you're looking for responsive steering, you can remove the set screws that keep the adapter in the forwrad position and use the Bixpy Pole Steering to steer your motor for super tight turning. 


Hobie Power Pole Plate is NOT included in your Adapter kit and needs to be purchased seperately. 



We’re always blown away at the creativity and handiwork of our users and ambassadors. These super users are kind enough to document their installations and share it with the Bixpy Community.  Click here for a playlist of installations by our experts in the field. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos and notifications.