DIY (Do it Yourself) Fin & Rudder Adapter

With many different rudders and so many skilled handy people with kayaks, the Bixpy DIY (Do It Yourself) Fin & Rudder Adapter allows you to design your own attachment for your application. This Bixpy DIY Fin & Rudder Adapter kit is mainly used by kayak owners who want to attach the Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor to their specific rudder. 

  • Click here to download the installation instructions for the DIY (Do It Yourself) Fin & Rudder Adapter.
  • Click here to download a template for cutting your rudder to use in the DIY (Do It Yourself) Fin & Rudder Adapter.




We’re always blown away at the creativity and handiwork of our users and ambassadors. These super users are kind enough to document their installations and share it with the Bixpy Community.  Click here for a playlist of installations by our experts in the field. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos and notifications.