Universal Rudder WillFit™ Adapter

The Universal Rudder WillFit™ Adapter is designed to give you the option to mount a Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor on to the rudder of most kayaks that offer a 10mm (roughly 3/8”) pin hole for a rudder. If your kayak does not have a 10mm rudder pin holder, you can purchase one from us. There are two options available: 

If your watercraft already has a rudder and you're simply replacing your rudder, you will likely be able to continue steering the Bixpy Rudder with your existing steering system. If not, the best option for steering the rudder adapter is the Foot Pedal Steering System. The other option is to use the Bixpy Hand Steering Kit, which leaves your feet free in case you're in a kayak with foot pedal drive.

Click here to download the installation instructions for the Universal Rudder Adapter.



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