The Bixpy Hobie® Twist & Stow Rudder Adapter is designed to replace your existing Twist & Stow rudder with a Bixpy Rudder that will attach to your Bixpy Jet and motorize your Hobie® Kayak. Steering is done as normal with your Hobie® rudder control.

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We’re always blown away at the creativity and handiwork of our users. Here are some of the highlights. These videos not only showcase great installs, but they are a great source of ideas for how you can motorize your kayaks or board. 

If you have a good video of an install, reach out to us, we would love to showcase your work and send you some Bixpy swag for the support!
Hobie Mirage Outback
by Aliex Fishing

Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 
by Aliex Fishing

Hobie Mirage Outback
by TomyTek Outdoors
Hobie Mirage Outback
by TomyTek Outdoors
Hobie Mirage Outback
by Sunnycal77



Q. Should I lock my rudder down as normal with the Bixpy Jet on it?

A. The Hobie rudders lock down for one primary reason and that is so they don't kick up in wave and higher speeds. They unlock so they're not damaged when you hit something (typically when you shore).

When you have the motor mounted on the rudder, the weight of the motor helps the rudder stay down to a great degree. And when the motor is on, it pushes against the rudder, so there is no chance for the rudder to kick up.

If you don't lock the rudder down and accidentally hit something, the motor has a chance to swing up and avoid damage. 

This all changes if you want to go in reverse. Now the motorized rudder has to be locked down so it doesn't try to "climb" out of water.

All in all, you can lock your rudder down as normal, just be extra cautious about hitting bottom. A locked rudder doesn't allow the motor to kick up.


Q. Do I lose steering ability with the Bixpy Rudder and Jet replacing my normal rudder?

A. When you're under power, you will have phenomenal steering.  When not under power, you will lose a very small percentage of your steering.  Almost not noticeable. 


Under high power, sharp steering becomes somewhat challenging because of all the force on your rudder.  The best way to resolve this is to slow the motor a little when making sharp turns.


Q. Is there much drag with the Bixpy Rudder and Jet replacing my normal rudder?

A. With the motor off and if your pedaling or paddling, you may feel a bit more drag, but again, the motor is so small and streamlined, it's negligible.  


Q. I want to put a Bixpy Jet on my Hobie.  What's the better option, on the rudder or in the Mirage Drive well?

A. There is only one advantage in putting the motor in the Mirage Drive and that's the accessibility of the motor.  And that only matters if you're in weedy water and you need to frequently clear the motor.  

On the other hand, there are many advantages of having the motor on the rudder. 

Here are a few advantages of having the motor on your rudder: 

  1. better steering
  2. better performance
  3. you keep your pedals and have dual power
  4. kick up feature and avoid damaging your motor
  5. easy pull up and storage