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Outboard Motor Systems

Before we were engineering award-winning outboard motor systems for kayak and paddle board propulsion, we were a team of two trying to solve a problem that, as an outdoor enthusiast, you may be familiar with. About half a decade ago, our founder Houman Nikmanesh found himself sail boating miles off the coast of San Diego when he realized there was no wind to carry him home and an unyielding tide was bringing him farther and farther out to sea. After a long day of sailing, he was nearly too tired to paddle all the way back to shore; this led to the inception of the Bixpy outboard motor system. To complete the reinvention of the small craft propulsion industry, Bixpy has also developed more than a dozen different adapters to allow simple Plug & Play adaptation of their motors to kayaks, canoes, dinghies, paddleboards, and more. Alongside the Bixpy Jets, Bixpy also develops a line of Power Stations for rugged outdoor use when conventional power banks simply fail to meet the demands of harsh outdoor elements. Whether you use our outboard motors as a kayak propulsion system, or for any other watercraft, there is no wrong way to enjoy the water!