Power Banks & Solar Panels

Waterproof Portable Power Stations

Just because you’re in the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to unplug from everything. Whether you’re trying to capture your experience or wind down after a day of adventure, Bixpy’s waterproof portable power station is just the thing you need to power all the electronic gear at your campsite. This is including, but not limited to:

  • Mini-fridges
  • Phone, tablets and other electronics
  • Cameras
  • Campsite lights
  • Bait tanks and livewells

Bixpy also offers all the accessories you’ll need to keep all your portable electronics stations going all day long, like power cords and solar panels.

Just be aware that the waterproof portable power stations are not meant to run Bixpy motors. Bixpy motors require Outboard Batteries to operate.