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aliex-folgueira-bixpy-02.jpg From an early age Aliex fell in love with Saltwater. He still remembers the first time he felt that fishing tugging away at his line, fast forward a few years ( only a few lol) and he is putting all of his passion for the water into YouTube. He is producing exceptional videos and delivering the best information possible about kayaks, motors, and fishing gear. Aliex has been working with Bixpy since late 2017 when he was first introduced to Bixpy at an offshore kayak fishing seminar and from that point on it has been a great partnership, producing hundreds of videos and delivering thousands of views. “Bixpy is a brilliant, fast and small motor that can motorize most small watercrafts and what I love about it is how easy it is to install and the countless DIY options you have”.

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Ben Rivera has lived in San Diego for over 30 years and has always loved the ocean. 4 years ago he was reintroduced to fishing by taking his youngest daughter fishing on the local piers. While on the piers he noticed the kayak fisherman and began to research kayak fishing online. It was over from there and he fell down the rabbit hole. Since the summer of 2016 Ben has been fishing just about every weekend. Ben finds being in the ocean very spiritual and healing to the soul. Catching the fish is the added bonus. He also enjoys the great friendships he has made on the water with other kayak fisherman through the years. For the last couple of years Ben has been a Bixpy Ambassador and has help introduce Bixpy to other kayak fisherman. His favorite way to use the Bixpy jet is as an assist. He keeps his pedals in and still paddles whiling using the power pole adapter for the motor. He says this a great way to extend the battery life and still get your exercise. It’s also a great way to keep your momentum when you want to take a break to tie a knot and get your pole ready for your next cast.

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Jonathan spends most of his time with his family at their home at Leesville Lake, VA.  Living close to the water has enabled him to kayak, fish, and enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer.  He participates in The BassCast Kayak Bass Series fishing tournaments and has helped direct local charity kayak tournaments to benefit Heroes on the Water and Stay Strong VA where Bixpy helped to sponsor.  When he is not participating in local tournaments or spending time with family, he is putting the Bixpy Jet and the many accessories we offer through their paces. Jonathan has worked with several kayak brands and has successfully set them up to be motorized.  He now uses his FeelFree Lure 11.5 to stage a variety of our mounts and accessories.

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justin-lammers-bixpy.jpg  Hey Folks I'm KayakDIY!  I'm an aquatic adventure seeker with a hunger for DIY and building/customizing small watercraft.  Whether above or below the water I feel at home and Bixpy has been a huge part of that life for years. I've done several Bixpy install videos and shared my adventures on the KayakDIY YouTube channel.  My first Bixpy was the Swim Jet Scuba Edition and I have used that same motor on my kayaks and paddle boards via the various mounts!  This one motor has brought me on so many adventures from fishing & exploring remote islands to diving underwater caves.  Check out the KayakDIY YouTube Channel if you want to see how I have used Bixpy. I have a Bixpy playlist!

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michael-davis.jpg I’m Michael Davis from Georgia, Brand Ambassador for Bixpy and Field Staff Team Manager for Vibe Kayaks. I’m also a U.S. Army Veteran of 10 years. I have a YouTube Channel that I am very proud of: Michael Davis Outdoor Adventures! I am an adventurous person that loves to have fun. My motto is to live every day like it’s your last because life is too short!! I’m also known as the life of the party and never meet a stranger!!

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tj-russell-bixpy.jpg I’m an Army veteran from Alabama. I have been a kayak fisherman since the early 2000’s. Teaching people how to modify their fishing kayaks through my YouTube channel has become my passion. I partnered with Bixpy because they are passionate about what they do, they are innovative and I believe in their products!

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Tommy Tablada has been an avid fisherman ever since he can remember. His father taught him everything he knew about fishing.  He then took fishing to the next level by expanding his skills to fishing from a boat and kayak on the Chesapeake Bay watershed and its tributaries.  He started a YouTube Channel to share his fishing experiences and to help people get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Tommy started working with Bixpy in 2018. The Bixpy Jet has become an essential tool on his kayak fishing adventures.  It is a versatile motor that can be adapted to virtually any kayak, SUP, canoe, and small watercraft.  Tommy has produced several videos showcasing the Bixpy Jet’s innovation and versatility.

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