Flip & Lock Fin Adapter (K-1 & J-2 Motors)

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If your paddle board or kayak has a Flip & Lock Fin Box, this Adapter will allow you to attach the Bixpy Motor to your paddle Board or kayak within minutes.   

Make sure that you are getting the right Bixpy fin for your fin box on www.bixpy.info

* Motors shown in the photos above are not included in the adapter kit

Features & Specifications

  • Protection: Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant components
  • Water use: All materials made for salt water or fresh water use
  • Pug & Play: adapter easily replaces your current flip & lock fin


  • Flip & Lock Fin Adapter

Installation Guides

Paddle Board Adapter installation guides and videos

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1 year warranty from date of purchase from Bixpy.com or an authorized dealer
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Bixpy Flip & Lock Fin Adapter - Quick Connect, Mounting Adapter for Bixpy K-1 or J-2 Electric Marine Trolling Motor, Motorize Inflatable Watercraft, Paddle Boards
Bixpy Flip & Lock Fin Adapter (K-1 & J-2 Motors)