Hobie Lynx Mirage Kayak Decked Out with Bixpy Motors and Batteries

Nov 23rd 2022

Hobie Lynx Mirage Kayak Decked Out with Bixpy Motors and Batteries

The Hobie Lynx Mirage Kayak is perhaps one of the fastest selling platforms Hobie has offered in the last few years.

The hybrid kayak/standup paddleboard offers a lightweight and versatile platform for kayak fishing, recreational kayaking and everything in between.

The Hobie Lynx also offers a great platform for Bixpy products. The Lynx can easily be motorized with a Bixpy Motor using multiple Bixpy Adapters.

The fastest way to motorize a Hobie Lynx is using the Bixpy Low Profile Pedal Drive Adapter. The Bixpy Pedal Drive adapter is light, offers a front motor bumper to protect the motor and is a quick and easy way to motorize your Hobie Kayaks. The Low Profile motor adapter fits all Hobie Kayaks in addition to an array of other kayaks that offer Pedal Drive adapters such as Vibe Shearwater kayaks, Pelican HyDrive II pedal system, Lightning Kayaks, and Vanhunks Fin Drive kayaks.

In addition to the Pedal Drive adapter, you can easily and quickly motorize your Hobie Lynx Kayak using our Bixpy Power Pole Adapter and the 3M VHB double sided adhesive. This allows you to quickly motorize your Hobie Lynx without any modifications to the kayak. The advantage to motorizing your Lynx with the Bixpy Power Pole Mounting adapter is it gives you the option to keep your Mirage Pedal Drive and have two power sources for your kayak!

Aside from motorizing your Hobie Lynx kayak with a Bixpy motor and battery, you can also use our rugged and waterproof 12V battery to run your fish finder, deck lights, or even charge your phone or tablet on the water. The Bixpy PP-77-AP is a rugged waterproof battery that offers both 12 volt and USB smart charging ports for all your power needs on the water. Additionally, the 12V output is a high output port, allowing you to run 

We're not done yet! The Bixpy PP-77-LW is the only rugged and waterproof lithium battery option on the market for live wells and bait tanks. This mighty power bank fits perfectly into all Hobie Live Wells and replaced its SLA counterpart using the same connector tip.air pumps and other high demand electronics to pump your inflatable paddleboards, your inflatable kayaks, or any other inflatable toy!

The Bixpy PP-77-LW will run a Hobie Live Well for 24 continuous hours!!