5 Ways to Have Fun With Bixpy Products This Spring!

Posted by Bixpy on Mar 20th 2023

5 Ways to Have Fun With Bixpy Products This Spring!

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, there’s no better time to break out the Bixpy products for some fun in the sun! Whether you’re looking to explore your favorite lake or just cruise around the neighborhood, Bixpy products have you covered. From long-lasting battery packs to powerful outboard motors, we have something for everyone.

1) Power Up The Grill

The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, so why not make the most of it by firing up your grill? The PP-77-AP battery from Bixpy makes it easier than ever to power your Traeger Grill (or any other wood fire grill). With its 12 V output capacity, you can run your grill for hours without having to worry about recharging. Not only that, but you can also charge your phone or run your camp lights with the same battery! With the PP-77-AP, you can have a delicious grilled meal and still have plenty of power left over for other activities. So go ahead and fire up that grill - you'll be enjoying delicious food in no time.

2) Go Fishing

Take advantage of the longer days of spring and head out for a fishing adventure with your Bixpy Outboard Kit. This kit is the perfect companion for kayakers looking to make the most of their fishing excursions. With its powerful battery, the Bixpy Outboard Kit will help you paddle further, faster and get to your favorite fishing spots quicker. You can also use the kit to power your way back if you've caught a lot of fish or need to return earlier than expected. With its quiet motor, you won't disturb wildlife while you're out and you won't have to worry about petrol fumes ruining your outdoor experience. So don your waders, grab your tackle box, and head out on an unforgettable kayak fishing trip powered by the Bixpy Outboard Kit.

3) Enjoy Birdwatching

With Bixpy powered kayaks, you can take in all the sights of nature from the comfort and convenience of your own vessel. With a Bixpy motor, you have the power to move around with ease and take in the sights of birds in their natural habitats. Whether you’re looking for the iconic Bald Eagle or a more common species, kayaking is the perfect way to observe birds in the wild. As you paddle along, keep an eye out for nests in trees or on the water and don’t forget your binoculars! Our motors are quiet enough to power your journey to your favorite bird watching spot without disturbing the wildlife.

4) Stay Off-Grid

If you want to go camping, biking or simply just be away from the grid, the Bixpy Outdoor Power Bank allows you to charge your electronic devices with solar energy. The Power Bank can power your 12 V devices, so you’ll always have a back-up source of power when you need it. You can even use it to charge your phone, tablet or laptop. In addition, the Bixpy Solar Panel is an easy way to keep your power bank charged up. Its high efficiency solar panels allow for quick charging, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice while you’re enjoying nature. Simply attach it to your backpack, place it in direct sunlight and watch as your Power Bank charges up while you explore the great outdoors.

With Bixpy’s innovative products, you’ll have all the power you need while staying off-grid this spring. Use your Bixpy Solar panels to charge your Power Bank for unlimited power while off-grid, so that you can keep your devices powered and stay connected no matter where your adventures take you.

5) Spend Time with Your 4 Legged Friend

One of the best ways to enjoy the longer days of spring is to spend time outdoors with your furry friend. Now, thanks to Bixpy products, you can even take your pet out on the water! Outfit your favorite watercraft with one of our Outboard Motor Kits and the right Adpater, then grab your best friend and set sail for a fun-filled day out on the lake, ocean, or river. You’ll both be sure to love the experience of being out on the open water together. Whether you use your Bixpy motor to fish, explore, or just enjoy some leisurely boating, you’ll make plenty of memories that will last you through the rest of the season. So don’t forget to bring along your four-legged friend when you set out for a day of fun on the water with Bixpy products!