Vertical Pipe Locking Bracket

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The Bixpy Pipe Locking Bracket can be used with any of the Bixpy Adapters that offer a 1" vertical pipe (the blue pipes). This includes the Power Pole Adapter, the Universal Kayak Adapter, and the Hobie® Pro Angler / Compass Adapter.

The Pipe Locking Bracket is perfect for locking any stern mounted pole adapter in place for situation where you need your motor to hold position.

The steering adapter bolts onto the vertical pipe swivel sleeve and tightens using stainless steel screws. Then the locking pin inserts into the gap of your pole clamp to lock your motor in the desired direction.


  • Bixpy Pipe Locking Bracket
  • Bracket Locking Pin
  • Pole NOT included


Click here for installation guides and videos.