Bixpy Pole Steering

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The Bixpy Pole Steering can be used with any of the Bixpy Adapters that offer a 1" vertical pipe. This includes the Power Pole Adapter, the Universal Kayak and Canoe Adapter, the ProAngler adapter and the Transom Adapter. 

The steering adapter bolts onto the vertical pipe and tightens using stainless steel screws. Then a pole adapter and a swivel arm allow you to steer your adapter with a simple sliding motion. 

The pole is not included in this adapter but the adapter accepts any standard broom handle or paint brush handle.  

We recommend a higher grade aluminum handle for salt water applications and telescopic paint brush handles if you want adjustability. 


  • Bixpy Pole Steering Adapter
  • Bixpy Swivel adapter
  • Pole not included
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