Hobie Lynx Gudgeon

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The Hobie Lynx Gudgeon is designed specifically for the Hobie Lynx rudder bracket, allowing easy replacement of your kayak's rudder with the Bixpy Versa Rudder and K-1 motor. Installation is simple with no modifications, drilling, glues, or epoxies needed—just plug and play.

For easy steering, the Versa Rudder comes with pole steering* option. This option installs quickly and provides excellent leverage. (You'll need a paintbrush or broomstick pole for the adapter).

Compatible with all Bixpy motors (J-1, J-2, K-1), the Versa Rudder* can motorize Hobie inflatable iTrek and Lynx kayaks. Note: using the motor on inflatable kayaks at high speeds may damage the hull over time.

*Hobie Lynx Gudgeon, Universal Versa Rudder™ and Pole Steering can be purchased together as a kit, click here to shop. 


  • Mounts into any standard rudder 10mm pin hole
  • Gravity deployment system
  • 90° quick Slide & Stow feature
  • "Lock-down" mechanism for using the rudder in reverse speeds
  • 18in. x 4in. rudder blade
  • Kick up feature for shallow water and hazards
  • Removable cap for mounting Bixpy Jet Motor
  • The top of the pin to the top of the motor measures 12.25 inches or 305 mm.
  • Pin length is 85 mm. Gap from pin to blade is 38 mm.
  • To work effectively, the Bixpy motor needs to be about 2" to 3" below waterline.


  • Hobie Lynx Gudgeon

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