Why Hybrid Paddleboards and Kayaks Are So Popular

Posted by Bixpy on Jan 23rd 2017

Why Hybrid Paddleboards and Kayaks Are So Popular

Kayaks have always offered an economical, easy, and fast way to get around on the water.

With that in mind, avid fishing enthusiasts started using kayaks to reach spots previously inaccessible to boaters. They cannot only get to secluded areas but are now spending a fraction of the time, money, and effort. Kayaks allow people to get closer to the fish more quietly and quickly with minimal equipment.

In the early 2000s, kayak fishing grew rapidly year after year, and many kayak manufacturers started to offer larger and more purpose-built kayaks to cater to the growing kayak fishing industry.

Can I Motorize a Larger Kayak?

Lager kayaks require pedal drives and motors like the Bixpy Jet to drive them as they are tougher to paddle. These kayaks are formidable fishing vessels, and for those who have the means to transport a large kayak and store one, they offer a great fishing platform.

However, not everyone can store and handle a 120 lb kayak like the Hobie Pro Angler or Jackson Big Rig, which require a large truck or trailer and perhaps two people to load and unload.

The Portable Kayak Era

Meanwhile, paddleboard manufacturers like BOTE, Vibe Kayaks, and even Hobie are adding seats, accessories, and attachment points to their inflatable and portable kayaks.

As kayak fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding become more popular, there is more and more demand for a portable, light, and quick-to-deploy kayak that allows the user to get on the water quickly, efficiently, and with minimal commitment to the storage space and vehicular requirements of the larger watercraft.

All of this leads to the latest offerings of light, portable, fast, and minimalist hybrid kayak/SUP vessels offered by so many manufacturers.

Some of the most recent and popular models include:

●Vibe Cubera

●Hobie Lynx

●Hobie inflatable kayaks

●The all-new FeelFree Airship

●Bote inflatable kayaks

Even with these state-of-the-art kayaks (or paddleboards), electric marine motors provide an incredible experience for those looking to explore more waters, a safe way to get home, or just an alternative to paddle or pedal power.

At only 2lb (900 grams), the Bixpy J-2 motor is truly the only option on the market if you want to motorize your portable kayak or paddleboard.

With more than a dozen plug-and-play trolling motor adapters, Bixpy motors allow you to motorize your watercraft and be on the water in minutes.

The Bixpy J-2 motor provides 33 pounds of thrust to get your watercraft enough power to explore further, kayak more, and get back home more safely.