What Watercraft Can be Motorized with Bixpy?

Posted by Bixpy on Jan 23rd 2017

What Watercraft Can be Motorized with Bixpy?

Motorizing watercraft has been really popular in the last few years. From kayaks to stand up paddle boards, more and more people are leveling up their water sports experience by adding electric motors to their rides. However, what watercraft can be motorized? Can any watercraft integrate with an electric motor? In today’s blog, we’ll go over which watercraft can be motorized and why it’s a good idea to do so.


Of course, kayaks are the most popular watercraft being motorized today. From fishermen/women to exploration enthusiasts, more and more kayakers are opting for motorizing their rides. Kayaks are watercraft that take a lot of physical prowess to maneuver. That’s why many opt to attach an outboard motor to the PWC. It will help the kayak stay balanced and cover more area in a shorter amount of time— without the exhaustion of paddling non-stop.


Stand up paddle boards— or SUP for short— are another major watercraft that can be motorized. Motors— like the Bixpy J-2—can easily be hooked up to virtually any kind of SUP. The Bixpy J-2 Motor is a compact, lightweight, high-performance marine motor designed and optimized specifically for personal water propulsion and small watercraft such as SUPs. Motorizing your SUP offers you more than just speed; it offers users:

● Greater distance coverage

● An overall safer experience

● A great workout

● Enhanced adrenaline and excitement

Inflatable Boats

Yes, you can motorize an inflatable boat with an electric motor. The days of paddling in a plain inflatable boat are over. Thanks to the emergence of quality electric motors, anyone can motorize their inflatable boat in just minutes. Electric motors offer users a more convenient, safer experience that makes them worth having—even if you still plan on paddling for the most part. Basically, the benefits of motoring an inflatable boat include:

Boosted Power & Speed - Because of their lightweight construction, inflatable boats require comparably less horsepower than traditional vessels to reach the same speed. This means you’ll achieve faster speeds more quickly.

Better Maneuverability - Motorizing your inflatable boat will make maneuvering it incredibly easy and responsive.

Enhanced Stability - Motorized inflatable boats are safer and more stable than other types of boats. The buoyancy of the tubes makes them virtually unsinkable.

More Fun - Nothing compares to the wind hitting your face while speeding with your inflatable boat through the water. If you want to enjoy a more exciting experience, motorizing your inflatable boat is a must!

Increased Safety - If you get exhausted or injured, you can use your electric motor to safely get you ashore before dark.

Paddle Boats

If lighter watercraft options such as kayaks and inflatable boats can be motorized, how about heavier options such as paddle boats? We’re happy to tell you that paddle boats can also be motorized with an electric motor! However, you have to make sure the motor you choose is big enough for your paddle boat. Since paddle boats come in many sizes, you'll need to ensure that your boat is large enough to carry both your weight and the extra weight of your trolling motor along with the batteries. With Bixpy Motors, that will not be an issue as our powerful motors carry batteries that weigh less than 10 lbs.—this makes our Bixpy system the lightest on the market! The best part is that it still delivers just as much of a punch as a conventional trolling motor.


Canoes are one of the oldest forms of watercraft the human race has ever utilized—it has been around since 8200 BC! But can this ancient watercraft also be motorized? The answer is yes! If you’re looking to enhance your canoeing experience by doing less paddling and more sightseeing, fishing, and relaxing; motorizing your canoe with an electric motor is a MUST!

Motorize Your Watercraft with Bixpy!

If you want to enhance your watercraft with a motor, Bixpy’s J-2 motor is your ultimate choice. From kayaks to inflatable boats to canoes, you can upgrade your watercraft with a reliable electric motor that doesn't compare. The compact size of its mighty motor allows you to adapt it to a variety of applications otherwise impossible using conventional marine motors. We also offer more than a dozen adapters to let you motorize virtually any personal watercraft. Whether you use our device as a kayak, paddle board, or canoe outboard motor, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the water!