Vibe Kayaks are Ready for Bixpy Kayak Motors

Posted by Bixpy on Mar 13th 2017

Vibe Kayaks are Ready for Bixpy Kayak Motors

Vibe kayaks make some seriously great kayaks. Without a doubt, they stand among the best contenders for professional fishermen and hobbyists alike in the kayaking world. Whether you’re dedicated to fishing or are a recreational kayaker, something we all could benefit from is a smooth running, motorized kayak! We’re glad to inform you that Vibe Kayaks are compatible with Bixpy light and fast kayak motors. These motors allow for incredibly smooth and fast rides!

Motorize Your Vibe Kayak

If you’re looking to take your kayaking to the next level, motorizing your Vibe Kayak is a must! These kayaks are designed to give you the awesome choice to motorize your kayak. We’re excited to tell you that our light and fast kayak is compatible with all Vibe kayaks, so if you’re thinking about enhancing your kayaking experience by motorizing it, Vibe kayaks and Bixpy are the perfect combo!

Upgrade Your Vibe Kayak with the Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit

This kit combines the awesome power of the new Bixpy J-2 Motor with the finely tuned, waterproof, wireless PP-378 Outboard Battery to power virtually any personal watercraft on the market, including your Vibe Kayak!

Apart from motorizing your Vibe kayak, this baby can also power your canoe, paddleboard, float-tube, dinghy, inflatable pack-raft, or any other small watercraft; the Bixpy Outboard Kit is your answer!

There is nothing else on the market made so specifically to give water enthusiasts an ultra-light and super adaptable package to power their boats. In addition to the motor and battery, you have a large array of Bixpy’s Plug & Play Bixpy Adapters to choose from to make installation on hundreds of small and large brand name boats a snap!

Enhance Your Kayaking Experience

The Bixpy Outboard Kit enables you to maximize your Vibe kayaking experience and stay out longer, explore new waters, fish more, troll for hours, or just get home effortlessly at the end of a long tiring day on the water. When the weather turns on you and you need an extra push to get you back, you’ll be happy you have Bixpy!

Vibe kayaks are known for their limitless compatibility, and Bixpy has all the tools you need to make it happen. If you're not sure which adapter best fits your watercraft, we can help! You can easily find the right Bixpy adapter for your watercraft on If you’re ready to motorize your Vibe kayak, feel free to explore all of our motor options by clicking here