The Bixpy Story: How We Started and What We Do

Posted by Bixpy on Mar 10th 2023

The Bixpy Story: How We Started and What We Do

Welcome to all of our new customers, and a big THANK YOU to our returning customers. We are honored to have all of you as a part of the Bixpy family. With so many new faces around, we decided it would be a good idea to share how the brand came about, and what products are currently flying off the shelves!

Born out of necessity, the idea for Bixpy came about when the founder spent a day on the water. Enjoying the clear skies, calm weather, and beautiful sunshine, he found himself going further out than he intended. But, he didn't mind. The day, after all, was one for the record books. So was the founder's journey home.

Stuck five miles off the coast of San Diego in a sailboat with no wind, Bixpy's founder was far too exhausted to easily paddle back against the outgoing tide. Thankfully, the weather remained clear and our founder made it back to dry land safe and sound… if a little bit worse from wear from all that paddling he never expected to do. That is when the idea for Bixpy was born, right in the founder's garage which became his workshop for the next year as the brand grew. Don't worry, the brand isn't in the garage any longer!

The founder of Bixpy - Houman Nikmanesh (pictured to the right) with the company's first engineer (pictured in the center), working on the first prototype in the Houman's garage.

How It Started

Bixpy was founded in 2014 with the simple goal of providing the world with innovative electric propulsion systems. Our mission was to create a versatile, reliable and powerful solution that could be used in various watersport applications. To do this, we needed to combine the best of both worlds – electrical and mechanical engineering.

At Bixpy, we believe in pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box when it comes to engineering solutions. We don't just settle for existing technologies and ideas; we strive to be on the cutting edge of innovation. This has been our approach since day one.

Our journey began by creating a revolutionary personal watercraft propulsion system. The system was designed to be extremely powerful, efficient, and silent. It was also designed to be completely modular, so users could customize the system according to their needs. Since then, we've gone on to develop a wide range of products for various applications. We have expanded our product offering to include everything from kayak and standup paddleboard propulsion systems and more. We are constantly looking for ways to make our products better, easier to use, and to last longer so you can go further!

Our dedication to innovation has paid off – Bixpy has become one of the leading companies in the electric propulsion industry. We are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of electric propulsion technology. In the meantime, let's take a look at our current most popular products:

Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit

The Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit is our flagship product and it has been a customer favorite since we released it. It includes an electric motor and the necessary components to power your kayak, canoe, SUP or other small watercraft. The J-2 is perfect for anyone who wants to explore further, faster and with more convenience than ever before. The motor and its components are designed to be user friendly and simple to install. The motor provides smooth and efficient propulsion while being extremely quiet and vibration free. And since it's powered by a high-quality, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you don't have to worry about the added weight of gasoline or any exhaust fumes that would otherwise be produced.

The J-2 Outboard Kit is also very lightweight, weighing just around 10 pounds, making it easy to transport and store on your vehicle or boat. Plus, its easy-to-use remote control unit makes it simple to adjust the speed of your watercraft so you can enjoy a worry-free cruise. Overall, the Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to take their paddling adventure to the next level. With its powerful electric motor, easy installation, and lightweight design, you'll be able to experience unparalleled exploration with convenience and efficiency.


Adapters are a critical part of our products, allowing you to quickly and easily connect your motor to hundreds of different watercraft in seconds with minimal modification. We offer more than 20 different adapters to fit virtually any watercraft you have in mind. From ThruHull adapters like our Low Profile ThruHull Adapter to Transom Adapters like the Power Pole Adapter and even Paddle Board Adapters like the US FIN Adapter and Flip & Lock Adapter, we have all your adapter needs covered. Each adapter is designed specifically to fit certain watercraft, making it easier than ever to connect a device of your choice like the Bixpy J-2 Outboard Motor to your preferred vessel. With our adapters, you can attach your motor without making any permanent modifications or sacrificing any performance. Aside from the many Plug & Play adapters, we also offer an array of Do it Yourself Mounting Adapters that allow the hardcore DIYer to motorize those one-off kayaks or projects that need propulsion.

Outdoor Power Banks

The 12V, USB combo Power Bank is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s a power bank that allows you to store and access power for a variety of devices and activities. The 12V, USB combo Power Bank provides continuous power output, allowing you to charge phones, tablets, cameras, drones and other devices with ease. In addition, its lightweight design makes it easy to take with you on the go. Whether you’re camping, boating or backpacking, this power bank can come in handy in a variety of situations.

The 12V, USB combo Power Bank charger also features a handy LED light so you can check on its charging status and even illuminate dark areas. It offers built-in protection circuits that provide extra safety when charging your devices. Whether you’re looking for a reliable source of power while on the go or a way to charge multiple devices at once, the 12V, USB combo Power Bank is an ideal choice. With its high-capacity battery and outlet, this power bank is perfect for keeping your devices powered up while outdoors.

Solar Panels

At Bixpy, we offer two solar panels that are great for those who are looking to go off-grid. Our Sun80 is a 80W foldable solar panel with high efficiency monocrystalline cells that allow you to charge your outboard battery with the power of the sun. It’s easy to use and highly efficient, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to get away from traditional power sources.

Our Sun45 is our 45W foldable panel specifically designed for charging the Bixpy Outdoor Power Banks. This panel is also easy to use and features monocrystalline cells for maximum efficiency. With the Sun45, you can easily charge your 12V Outdoor Power Banks without needing access to traditional power sources.

Whether you’re taking your boat out on the lake or camping in the woods, our solar panels provide a reliable source of power that’s easy to use. It you’re looking for a way to go off-grid without sacrificing power, then Bixpy’s solar panels are the perfect choice.

Out with the old, in with the new!

At Bixpy, we offer a 6V LiFePO4 battery to replace the lead acid batteries that are commonly used in live wells and bait tanks. The PP-77-LW is a lightweight, long-lasting alternative which makes it easier to transport. And at roughly half the weight of traditional lead acide batteries, it offers 40% more power! The LiFePO4 Battery also has an impressive lifespan of up to 10 years and 3000 charge cycles, which is more than 10 times the life expectancy of an SLA battery. It’s designed to be resistant to extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, vibration and shock, and it can be used in both fresh and saltwater environments. In addition to its durability, the LiFePO4 Battery also offers superior charging performance compared to other types of batteries. For those looking for a reliable and efficient power solution for their live well or bait tank, the Bixpy LiFePO4 Battery is an excellent choice.

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