The Beginner’s Guide To Using a Solar Power Bank

Posted by Bixpy on Jun 9th 2022

The Beginner’s Guide To Using a Solar Power Bank

Camping or going off into the wilderness can be an unsettling idea. Having no access to power is a scary premonition, because what do you do if something goes wrong? However, there are options to garner some clean and efficient power in the wilderness. The beginner’s guide to using a solar power bank proves how vital this tool is for any venture in the wild.

What Is a Solar Power Bank?

Solar power banks are compact external batteries that use the sun for solar energy to recharge items without an electrical source. Essentially, they are regular power banks with the special capability of using Earth's natural resources as a power supply. Thus, it's worth noting that you may charge them both by putting them into a power outlet and by using solar energy. 

Even though solar energy can confuse users at the start, portable power banks are typically simple items. They are often exceedingly sturdy, weather-resistant, and long-lasting because they need to withstand the UV rays from the sun to power themselves.

Primary Uses

The primary perk of using a solar power bank is getting access to energy wherever you want to go. This is the best environmentally friendly and feasible way to recharge your phones and other gadgets wherever the sun is shining. A solar power bank is ideal for traveling activities, including camping excursions, living off-the-grid, tailgating, recreational vehicles, and during emergencies.

How a Solar Power Bank Works

As a battery nears its designated shelf life, it will gradually lose its energy. If you always want to keep a little extra juice on reserve, you should consider recharging your bank every two to three months. You may get lucky and have a shelf life that lasts up to a year, making them some of the most user-friendly tools for dependable access to modest amounts of electricity.

It's crucial to max out your battery before charging it. It could only take a week without usage to cause an inactive battery to gradually lose its capacity, which would be unwelcome when attempting to utilize it in a real-world circumstance.

Methods of Charging

There are several ways to replenish the built-in battery in most lightweight solar power banks. Charging time will differ based on the power supply and the quantity of energy provided.

Solar Power

As the name suggests, power bank solar chargers can be charged by solar energy. Many compact and portable items now have a solar panel that directly attaches to the device, resulting in a fully-featured solar generator.

On the other hand, certain power banks may get their power from using separate solar panels connected to the battery reserve. While this is not possible for small solar chargers, high-efficiency PV solar panels are necessary if you want to create a massive solar battery bank.

Traditional Options

Conversely, the bulk of solar power bank systems may regenerate using other forms of electricity. This is most frequently achieved with a USB or USB-C connection and cable. Periodically, it may also be feasible to charge a solar power bank using a carport with the appropriate method and technology.

Although the objective is to use energy that isn't electrical, it would be advantageous to use a solar power bank and charger that can use alternative energy sources. Assuming you aren't going off the grid completely, you can connect your charger to a power outlet to guarantee that your charger and power bank is maxed out. 

Phones, Tablets, and Computers—Oh My!

Plugging your phone into a power bank is as easy as at home. After fully charging our solar bank, you may use it for your electronic devices. Solar power banks can charge your cameras, phones, or any other device that requires a USB cable. The only complication that may arise is not having the same outlet as your charger.

Ideally, you will have scoured the various types of power banks and their outlets to ensure that all your gadgets are compatible. But if everything fits and connected, there shouldn't be an issue of it getting power. However, buying an adapter is another option to circumvent this issue.

Concerning other devices, a solar power bank allows you to bring tablets, computers, and video game devices along if needed. While these items are not essential for survival technically, they may be if you are dealing with mopey children who are bored and don't enjoy nature as much as you.

Common Problems

The functionality of a solar power bank depends on various parameters that ultimately decide its charging and discharging efficiency. If your charging station appears to be operating poorly, it might be due to one of the following frequent problems:

  • The panels aren't getting the sun's exposure.
  • The charger is currently, or has previously been, operating at temps outside of its recommended working range.
  • A scratched or dusty panel.
  • The power bank overheated.

To ensure that everything is working correctly, place your solar charge in the sun's path and come back in an hour to see if everything is within the status quo. When checking the charge, be cautious when taking up your power bank, as it may be quite hot from the sun beaming down upon it. Once it is safe to use, connect your devices and see if you can utilize solar power. 

Tips and Tricks

Get a Warranty

Opting for a solar power bank and charger with a warranty may give you peace of mind before making the purchase. This equipment is supposed to be affordable; therefore, some of the parts aren't robust. A warranty guarantees you that you can get a replacement at no charge if something goes wrong.

Get More Power if You Can

It doesn't hurt to look for a solar supply with a little more power. Although, it would be beneficial to have a power supply that packs a powerful punch, especially if you are going with a larger group. If the goal is to stay light, stick with the less heavy versions.

Be Wary of Scammers

Some companies want to join the solar energy game because it's a popular sector. Sadly, that also means many scammers are out there looking to make a quick buck. Thoroughly explore product reviews to ensure you're getting what's advertised, rather than some lemon.

The beginner’s guide to using a solar power bank gives you a strong foundation for what to look for and how to use it. Bixpy's outdoor portable power station is a state-of-the-art, waterproof power source to make your life easier. Pairing our Bixpy PP-166 with a SUN45 Waterproof Solar Panel will guarantee you six to eight hours of power with no interruptions. Add both to your cart today before your next adventure.

The Beginner’s Guide To Using a Solar Power Bank