Navigating the Inner Workings of Outboard Motors

Posted by Bixpy on Jan 29th 2024

Navigating the Inner Workings of Outboard Motors

Learn more about what makes our outboard motors work!

The marine world has been revolutionized with the advent of outboard motors, propelling water vessels effortlessly over bodies of water, big and small. Many are intrigued by these robust mechanical devices, so let’s dive into how they work:

The Basic Concept Behind Our Outboard Motor

Basically, our motors run off electric energy which is converted into mechanical energy which then powers the propellers. The propellers run and pull in water, which then allows the boat to be propelled forward.

While our technology is proprietary, we can tell you that we crafted our outboard motors using technology seen in hydro-electric dam turbines, jet engines and airfoil technics used in aerospace applications. This has allowed us to create several different outboard motors that are smaller, quieter, and more rugged than others on the market.

Turning to our latest motor, the K-1 Motor is equipped with a highly efficient and finely tuned brushless motor for optimal performance when paired with its NASA-inspired propeller, the Bixpy PowerShroud™ and finely tuned Bixpy Batteries. The compact size of this mighty K-1 Motor has allowed us to adapt it to a variety of applications for your favorite watercraft. The plug-and-play installation of the motor on hundreds of existing kayaks, paddle boards, and inflatables allows us the opportunity to have more than 20 different mounting adapters to let you motorize virtually any watercraft.

Bixpy K-1 being inspected

The Role of the Battery in Bixpy's Outboard Motors

When it comes to Bixpy's cutting-edge outboard motors, the battery is more than just a component - it's the lifeblood. Breaking from tradition, these motors are fully electric, powered by a hardy, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Not only do these batteries pack a punch in terms of power, but they also promise sustainability, standing as a testament to Bixpy's commitment to the environment. The consistent power output they deliver ensures your voyage is never cut short. Remember, in the world of Bixpy, power is more than just strength - it's reliability, sustainability, and the promise of a seamless journey across the waters.

K-1 motor coming out of the water attached to a watercraft

Understanding the Importance of Maintenance

Just like you'd show TLC to your prized car, your outboard motor deserves the same level of care. Proper maintenance is paramount for its longevity and peak performance. Rinse it off thoroughly after each use, especially when you've been coursing through saltwater to avoid the unforgiving rust and corrosion. And let's not forget about the trusty battery - your power lifeline. Keeping it charged is a must-do, but don't overlook the importance of clean and dry battery contacts. Think of these maintenance tasks as small pit-stops on your aquatic adventure. They're vital to ensure that your Bixpy outboard motor continues to serve you tirelessly, mile after nautical mile. Remember, a well-maintained motor isn't just about preventing breakdowns; it's about guaranteeing you a smooth, unforgettable journey across the water.

K-1 going into the Bixpy storage container

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