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How To Get the Most Out of Your Kayak Fishing Trips

How To Get the Most Out of Your Kayak Fishing Trips

Posted by Bixpy on Aug 20th 2021

What outdoor pursuit offers the best of both worlds? Two words: kayak fishing. This combo sport of angling while kayaking is a wonderful way to get out on the water and strategically target big game fish. Not only does this beloved activity offer the promise of a good time, but it also provides an effective mobility alternative to conventional powered-up boats.

Kayak fishing is a highly interactive method to reel in a superior catch, but you can’t simply cross your fingers and hope good luck will find you. Let's take a closer look at how to get the most out of your kayak fishing trips. Keep these pointers in mind to kickstart on the right foot.

A Smooth Experience: Practice Makes Perfect

The booming kayak fishing community is full of seasoned and novice anglers and newbie and old-timer paddlers alike. If you desire to get the most out of your kayak fishing trips, you need to know how to kayak and fish. If you’ve done this dynamic duo of skills independently before, you can probably whip your gear into a kayak and get right to it. But if paddling is a fairly newfound maneuver, start slow until you’re relatively familiar with the nuances of the strokes.

Remember this general rule for a smoother experience: where your head goes, your body follows. Stay centered and balanced—the fundamental physics of propulsion apply for turning, maneuvering, and maintaining a position despite the wind or the current. You must trust the boat for stability during sight fishing, casting, and reeling in a catch.

Preparation: Techniques for Angling Success

Successful kayak fishing relies on foundational techniques and proper preparation. When the moment comes, you need to be ready to straddle for stability and face the fish. Besides having the right gear for the task, kayak anglers must build up their sight fishing skills. Scouting the right spot is of the essence—it’s just as important as matching the length of the line to the rod. Keep a float plan in place and sustain a high vantage point while gazing through the water. This position of preparation prevents fish from circling the stern or flipping the kayak right over.

Purchasing Power: Pedal Versus Paddle Versus Motor

Your means of propulsion mainly depends on preference and type of watercraft. No perfect kayak exists. That being said, there are kayaks made for kayaking and kayaks designed suitably for fishing. Think about kayaks as similar to cars: each has its pros and cons for particular scenarios. A model that offers stable comfort and suits your angling needs is the best bet.

To turn travel time into more fishing time, consider the added benefit of a motorized kayak. Anglers can use outboard motors for ultimate stealth, speed, and accessibility. Bixpy’s J-2 Outboard Motor is one of the leading kayak propulsion systems on the modern market. There’s nothing quite like our lightweight motor for outdoor water enthusiasts. Learn more about this innovative product on our website today.