How to Create a Magical Movie Night Outdoors with Bixpy's Power Bank

Posted by Bixpy on Jun 5th 2024

How to Create a Magical Movie Night Outdoors with Bixpy's Power Bank

Make your next camping trip extra special by creating an outdoor movie night. You only need a few things to get started for a magical night with the family under the stars, watching your favorite movie.

Take your camping trip to the next level when you add in a movie night to your outdoor activity schedule. Create a romantic evening for two or a fun filled night with the family. You only need a few items to make this dream a reality, and we are going to talk you through it:

What You Need

For the basics you need a projector, screen, power bank, and a phone. Be sure to find a portable projector that can withstand your trip, and test it out with your phone before leaving. For screens, you can purchase a portable one to take with you, or you can just bring a plain old sheet. If you bring a sheet, make sure you have something to frame it and clips to pull it tight so wrinkles do not get in the way of the movie. If you’re camping with a tent, you can even use the side of your tent for the screen!

Finally, you should bring a Bixpy power bank to the function so that everything runs smoothly with constant power. Don’t forget to pick out your movies ahead of time and download them to your phone — phone signals when camping are not always reliable so it is best to have it ready to go.

If you are looking to enhance your experience, you can also bring extra blankets/pillows/chairs, snacks like popcorn you can make over a campfire, extra lights for some ambience, and also speakers for better sound.

Choosing the Perfect Camping Site for Your Movie Night

Selecting an ideal location for your outdoor movie extravaganza is paramount. The first step is to scout for a space ample enough to accommodate your audience comfortably, as well as your screening setup. This could mean a clear, open area where everyone can spread out with blankets and pillows without feeling cramped. Ensure the chosen site is away from intrusive artificial lighting that could compromise the visual quality of your film.

The ground should be flat and stable to securely place your equipment and provide a comfortable viewing area for your guests. Also, if you are in a campsite with other campers, be sure to verify that your chosen site permits the use of electronic devices and setting up for events like a movie night, to avoid any disruptions.

Once you have the okay to set up, play around with the distance of your projector from your chosen screen for the sharpest picture. If you brought speakers, you can work on distributing them around the seating area for the optimal experience. Pro tip, if you brought extra blankets and chairs, it helps to spray some bug spray on them to keep out unwanted pests so that you and your guests can enjoy the movie.

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Preparing Your Outdoor Cinema Equipment

Step one is to set up your screen. If you are using the side of your tent or maybe even the side of your RV, then you’ve most likely done this already. If you are using a portable screen, safely unfold it and secure it so that it does not fall over. If you are using a sheet, be sure to stretch it and clip it to avoid wrinkles. You should also secure the bottom so it does not flap around in the breeze.

Next, it’s time to set up the projector. Be mindful of whether it will be in front of the audience or behind; if it is going behind the audience, prop it up so that it will easily show the movie over everyone’s heads without creating distracting shadows. Also ensure that wherever you have it set up, you can easily connect your phone to it.

Finally, connect your phone and the projector to your Bixpy power bank. This will ensure constant power so your movie will not be interrupted by low batteries. Once this is done, it’s time to gather everyone for a fun and relaxing movie night under the stars.

Powering Your Devices with Bixpy's Power Bank

The best part about our power bank is that it can power just about anything — this powerhouse is more than capable of handling multiple devices simultaneously, thanks to its 5V and 12V output ports. Whether it's keeping your portable projector energized, ensuring your speakers deliver crystal-clear sound, or even charging a smartphone or tablet used for controlling the movie playback, the Bixpy power bank stands ready to support your tech needs.

The exceptional battery life that Bixpy’s power bank boasts is a game-changer for outdoor cinema, offering the reliability needed to power through a feature film or even a double feature without the fear of losing charge. If you plan on camping for multiple nights or showing multiple movies, we recommend getting our power bank and solar panel bundle so that your power bank can charge back up during the day.

Enjoy a fun movie night experience, and be sure to tag us in your photos on social media!