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Bixpy Outboard Motor – Best Electric Outboard Motor

Bixpy Outboard Motor – Best Electric Outboard Motor

Posted by Bixpy LLC on Oct 14th 2020

Bixpy has engineered a completely revolutionary product by taking water jet propulsion to the next level with a hybrid propeller/jet electric motor. The result is a two-pound thruster that is capable of putting out about 32lb of thrust, yet small and light enough to install on a dropdown rudder, slide into a paddle board fin box or fit through most kayak through-hull openings!

Bixpy already offers more than a dozen Plug & Play adapters to allow users to adapt the motor to most kayaks, canoes, dinghies and other small personal watercraft. And they’re continuously coming up with new designs that fit even more boats.

Certainly, the best outboard motor jet in the business as far as we’re concerned, and here’s why our customers love their Bixpy devices.

Why we love Bixpy Outboard Motors

Bixpy motors have been a wonderful addition and resource for all watersports fanatics looking to take their fishing or weekend cruises on the water to a new level. Apart from Bixpy’s premium product quality, the after sales and customer service from Team Bixpy is definitely first class. With kayaking, fishing, stand up paddle boarding (SUP’s), inflatables and other water boarding products going through the roof in demand, Bixpy’s outboard motor has proven not only the best trolling motor on the market, but easy to use and comes with 15 unique adapters to be tailored to your requirements. This high-quality trolling motor is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery (wall charger included) and comes with a wireless remote control and kill leash. Cruise at slow speeds for up to 10 hours amongst the reeds and waters of your next destination or go full throttle for more than an hour at full speed on one charge of the battery.

With smaller personal watercraft such as kayaks and canoes as their main audience, Bixpy has provided their users with a No-Drag™ design that allows them to sneak up on their catch in this direct drive, whisper-quiet, no emissions motor/battery combo.

Most importantly, as weight and space are prime real estate on most personal watercraft, the entire Bixpy motor/battery combo weighs just over 9lbs.

The Bixpy Initiative – The Future of E-Watersports

While electric watersports in various divisions begin their quest as a major surgent in North Americans lives, our customers at EBC have found an increasing liking to escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life and are looking for a more cost-efficient and user-friendly method of enjoying life on water. Whether it’s to power a kayak, paddleboard, canoe, inflatable, dinghy or basically any personal watercraft, Bixpy’s #1 Outboard Motor allows all users with water products to engage in minimal effort while lazying around the Bayou or the rivers and enjoying their time away from the everyday 9-5. While Bixpy’s motor remains affordable compared to your traditional small boat engines, the Bixpy Outboard Kit is perfect to buy in pairs or for a family looking to venture to the lake or the Ocean on their next adventure!

By The Electric Boarding Company