Bixpy’s Year In Review: A Look Back at 2023

Posted by Bixpy on Dec 29th 2023

Bixpy’s Year In Review: A Look Back at 2023

Let’s take a look back at all the wonderful things that happened this year, as well as what is in store for 2024!

First, we would like to thank all of our wonderful customers and supporters — you made our 2023 fantastic! From countless posts in our Facebook owner’s group to replies to emails, we cannot thank you enough for always being there. We love to hear your ideas and suggestions, so please keep them coming in the new year; after all, YOU are what makes Bixpy so great.

We sure had a busy year, but we accomplished a lot — with your help, of course — and we plan to keep this forward momentum into the coming year. So, let’s break it down!

In 2023, here are just a few of our favorite things we did:

  • We sent out the first delivery of our PP-768 batteries to customers, and we now offer the batteries full-time on our website for you to order at your convenience — and receive shortly at your doorstep after ordering.
  • Our K-1 motor was released on IndieGogo and then transitioned to sell directly on our website. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the motor as part of our initial campaign; you helped us make the K-1 a big hit!
  • We offered several new accessories such as our travel bag, hats, t-shirts, and the K-1 fine grill guard. We received lots of feedback that our customers wanted a travel bag for their gear, and that was one of the first suggestions we jumped on for the year.
  • Thanks to everyone who voted, our K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit won ‘Best Paddling Accessory’ in Paddling Magazine Industry Awards! We appreciate that you took the time to give us a little vote, and we are unbelievably honored to have won this award.
  • We are proud to have sponsored over 13 kayak fishing tournaments that benefitted various charities. Our goal is to make water adventures accessible for everyone, and we try to show our support to charities with similar goals; if you know of a tournament/charity that you think would be a good fit for our brand, please let us know! We are always looking to expand our support.
  • We shared over 35+ blogs this year ranging from fun camping trip topics to tips on how to mount your motors; in fact, our most popular blog covered the top ten questions customers have about trolling motors.
  • And much, much more!

2023 sure has been a busy year for us, and 2024 looks to be no different! We have several products in the queue that will be launching right at the beginning of the year. We also have some exciting website updates coming within the next few months, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Additionally, we have lots more coming your way, but we don’t want to spoil it just yet!

Thank you again for being part of the Bixpy family and making this year great. We cannot wait to start 2024 with all of you!

Happy New Year!