Bixpy Jets in the Wild

With a few hundred Bixpy Jets now in the wild, we have lots of videos and pictures coming into our inbox. We love all the submissions and try to share as many as we can through our Social Media Channels! So please keep them coming. We have received everything from incredibly creative installation videos (by some real pros) to users just having a blast with their jets. Check out our YouTube channel and playlist where you can see the videos categorized by usage. 


Spring is around the corner and you'll see Bixpy Jets at more and more in your local retailers, expos and various watersport shows. Here's a quick link to get a listing of some of the shows where you'll be able to see Bixpy Products on display and in action.


We know that some of you haven't had a chance to use your Jets throughout the winter months. However, the Jets do need some attention when in storage. As with all batteries, your Bixpy Batteries do drain slowly during standby. When not in frequent use, please charge your battery every 30 to 60 days to avoid permanent shut down of the battery. Batteries that shut down due to over-drainage are NOT covered under warranty.

Here are a few useful resources for taking care of your Bixpy Jets:

Always feel free to email us at: with other questions or concerns.