Benefits of Motorizing an Inflatable Boat

Posted by Bixpy on Aug 23rd 2022

Benefits of Motorizing an Inflatable Boat

Many people are switching to inflatable boats rather than traditional hard hull boats. Ever wonder why? Well, aside from being cost-efficient, they’re incredibly versatile and offer a surprising number of benefits, such as easy maneuverability due to their lightweight. However, inflatable boat enthusiasts are taking their boating experience to the next level with electric motors! Rather than paddling in the water by hand, they’re increasing their speed and enjoyment by motorizing their watercraft. In today’s blog, we will be going over the top benefits of motorizing an inflatable boat and why it’s becoming huge.

Benefits of Motorizing an Inflatable Boat

The days of paddling in a plain inflatable boat are over. Thanks to the emergence of quality electric motors, anyone can motorize their inflatable boat in just minutes. It offers users a more convenient, safer experience that makes them worth having—even if you still plan to paddle for the most part. Basically, the benefits of motoring an inflatable boat include:

Increased Safety - If you get exhausted or injured, you can use your electric motor to safely get you ashore before dark.

Boosted Power & Speed - Because of their lightweight construction, inflatable boats require comparably less horsepower than traditional vessels to reach the same speed. This means you’ll achieve faster speeds more quickly.

Better Maneuverability - Motorizing your inflatable boat will make maneuvering it incredibly easy and responsive.

Enhanced Stability - Motorized inflatable boats are safer and more stable than other types of boats. The buoyancy of the tubes makes them virtually unsinkable.

More Fun - Nothing compares to the wind hitting your face while speeding with your inflatable boat through the water. If you want to enjoy a more exciting experience, motorizing your inflatable boat is a must!

How do I Motorize an Inflatable Boat?

The Bixpy J-2 Outboard kit can motorize your inflatable boat in no time. The J-2 Outboard kit has many features that make it the perfect solution for your motorized needs. The motor itself runs for approximately 80 minutes at top speed and up to 12 hours at slower speeds and operates via wireless remote control with 12 forward speeds and three reverse speeds. At top speeds, the Bixpy J-2 motor will have you cruising in your dinghy at about 4.5 MPH. The ultralight setup (weighs just 9 lb including battery and motor) makes it the perfect partner for your light inflatable boat. It is waterproof and dirt resistant, with an Outboard Power Pack and remote that float in case of accidental slippage.

What’s the Best Motor for Inflatable Boats?

When it comes to selecting the best trolling motor for your inflatable boat, you can never go wrong with Bixpy! Bixpy trolling motors work well with all inflatable boats and most other inflatable water crafts. Small watercraft have limited space and limited ability to carry additional weight, so at less than 10 lb. for the motor and battery together, the Bixpy system is the lightest system on the market and yet delivers just as much of a punch as a conventional trolling motor five to six times its weight and size! This makes the Bixpy design excellent as an inflatable boat motor.

Motorize Your Inflatable Boat with Bixpy!

Bixpy’s J-2 outboard motor kit. Waterproof, lightweight (under 10 pounds), and superiorly efficient, this electric outboard motor was designed with dedication to the small watercraft owner in mind. Using this system, outdoor enthusiasts can set up and customize personal crafts for desired maneuverability. To purchase a motor for your inflatable boat, click here.

The Bixpy Transom Adapter makes it so that you can replace your big and heavy gas-powered motor. You can take it with you anywhere you go without the hassle and install it within minutes. To check out all of our gadgets, click here! The right trolling motor will enhance your inflatable boat’s performance and create a safer and more exciting experience. To motorize your own personal inflatable boat, look no further than Bixpy. We have the leading ultra-adaptable option on the market. Using this system, outdoor enthusiasts can set up and customize personal crafts for desired maneuverability. To purchase a motor for your inflatable boat, click here