Accessorize Your Bixpy Motor!

Posted by Bixpy on Jul 8th 2021

Accessorize Your Bixpy Motor!

Aside from our motor and battery, we have a variety of accessories that will make your experience on the water even better! Our accessories range from spare parts, extra remotes, extension cables, and other gear. Accessorizing your Bixpy is easy -- we are here to help!

Check out a list of our accessories here.

Got grass problems? We got grass solutions!

The PowerShroud™ Propeller Guard - Fine Grill is the perfect accessory if you use your Bixpy J-2 Motor in places where excess seaweed, small pebbles and other debris are present, which can damage the propeller housing and/or the propeller.

Check out this video from one of our ambassadors on how to install the Bixpy PowerShroud Propeller Guard onto your motor.

See you out on the water!