6 Ways to Protect Your K-1 Motor This Winter

Posted by Bixpy on Dec 4th 2023

6 Ways to Protect Your K-1 Motor This Winter

By following these simple steps, you can rest assured that your motor will be ready for all your water adventures, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Harsh weather conditions and colder temperatures can have a significant impact on your motor's performance and overall lifespan. To ensure that your Bixpy K-1 motor stays in top shape throughout the winter, here are six essential maintenance tips that you should follow.

1) Implement Proper Cleaning Practices

After a long day on the water, it can be easy to just throw your motor and watercraft in the back of your vehicle and forget about it until your next adventure. However, this can damage your K-1 motor overtime, particularly in the winter if you live in a region that experiences freezing cold temperatures. Although we recommend this no matter the weather, we want to highlight it for winter: make sure to completely dry off your motor after using it. This will prevent water from sitting in it overtime and keep sand/salt/debris off that might cause wear. If you plan to store your motor long term, this is a very important step to making it last longer.

Man using K-1 Motor

2) Store Your Motor Properly

Store your motor in a dry and secure location, away from extreme temperatures or humidity. We recommend finding an indoor location to store your motor that remains at a constant temperature no matter what the weather. It is also advisable to store your motor in a container to protect it from dust build up or other potential debris — just be sure your motor is completely dry before doing so.

Man in kayak in cold water using a Bixpy motor

3) Battery Care During Colder Months

Cold temperatures can have a significant impact on battery life, so it's essential to keep it charged and protected. When not in use, store the battery in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture, as this can damage the battery. Regularly check the battery's charge and recharge it if needed. When you get your battery back out for use, make sure to charge it fully first!

Kayak with Bixpy Motor

4) Inspect Wear and Tear

As the winter season takes a toll on your Bixpy K-1 motor, it's crucial to regularly inspect and address any signs of wear and tear for optimal performance. Take the time to examine the motor for any loose or damaged parts, such as screws, parts, or wiring. If you notice any issues, address them promptly by tightening screws, replacing damaged parts, or seeking professional assistance if necessary. By staying proactive in identifying and fixing wear and tear, you can ensure that your Bixpy K-1 motor continues to deliver top-notch performance throughout the winter and beyond.

Man fishing in a kayak with a Bixpy Motor

5) Consider Storing Your Motor Separately

For ease of use during warmer months, you most likely leave your motor on your watercraft all the time — and that’s okay! However, if you plan to store it for any period of time, we recommend detaching it so that it can safely be stored in a container and kept away from the elements. If you do not wish to do this or it is not an option for your setup, we recommend making sure to safely cover the motor to offer it a little extra protection.

Woman kayaking with Bixpy motor

6) Double Check Everything

It might seem easy to quit it and forget it, but we recommend checking on your motor and watercraft throughout the season, even if they are in storage. That way in case any moisture was missed or something strange happens, you can catch it before it turns into a more costly issue. Always double check that your motor is completely dry, in a cool location away from extreme temperatures, is free of debris, and that all parts appear to be attached properly. Set up a schedule so that you regularly ensure everything is tucked safely away until warmer weather is on the horizon.

By following these tips and staying proactive in motor maintenance, you can enjoy many more winter water adventures with your Bixpy K-1 motor. Don’t have a K-1 motor but want to get started with one? Shop Bixpy Motors now!