5 Tips for Taking Your Kids Fishing for the First Time

Posted by Bixpy on Apr 8th 2022

5 Tips for Taking Your Kids Fishing for the First Time

There are no words to describe the warm feeling of sharing your passion with your children. One hobby that gets passed down through generations is fishing. While fishing may have been a blast to you when you were a child, your kid might not share that same appreciation of the sport. Use these five tips for taking your kids fishing for the first time for the best outcome.

Start Small

The adrenaline rush of snagging a monster is an unforgettable experience. But for a child’s first fishing adventure, start with a smaller body of water that smaller fish like bluegill inhabit.

Reeling in smaller fish without your assistance can give your child a sense of pride. Feeling accomplished will motivate them to keep coming back.

Keep It Short

Even if your child seems eager to go fishing for the first time, it’s a smart move to spend no more than a few hours in the water. The odds are your youngster will become restless sooner than you think, especially if you aren’t getting any bites.

Children’s attention spans don’t last long, so you don’t want to keep them out too long the first time. If they associate boredom with fishing, you may never get a second chance. On the other hand, if they are constantly engaged, you can probably stretch your time out a bit longer.

Have a “Plan B”

Children might not understand how challenging it can be to catch one fish, let alone several. If fishing does not reach your child’s lofty expectations, they might become upset.

If you can’t catch anything, having a backup strategy may save the day. Something as simple as bringing a net or playing “I Spy” might salvage the trip.

Use Regular Fishing Equipment

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying those cute fishing rods for kids, but you’re better off using the real thing. Opt for a five-foot rod that can hold a 10-pound line. Grab a bobber for your child because it’s something they can see and understand easily. They may struggle knowing if they have a fish on the line based solely on the feel.

You want your child to enjoy fishing, so you might have to curtail your purchasing habits with them in mind. For example, they might not appreciate multi-purpose jigs and lures, whereas worms, crickets, and other critters might interest them.

Focus On Having Fun

Fishing is supposed to be fun, and that should be the most important aspect of their first trip. Don’t lose patience if you’re getting no action in the water because your child will pick up on that frustration and want to leave. Instead, enjoy the time together, talk about things unrelated to fishing, and maybe have them teach you something you don’t understand. For example, maybe they can make Minecraft make sense to you. Bring some lunch and refreshing beverages, and just enjoy your time on the water together.

Using these five tips for taking your kids fishing for the first time guarantees you quality time with your child. In case you need a new outboard motor system for your watercraft to bring them into the water, browse Bixby’s selection. Our award-winning systems will please any angling enthusiast, so reach out to us today.