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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Outboard Marine Motor

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Outboard Marine Motor

Posted by Bixpy on Nov 3rd 2021

Taking your watercraft out and about for a day of fun is a high time occasion. What’s not so fun is the maintenance that accompanies it. Boaters, anglers, or paddlers may dread frequent motor upkeep. Nonetheless, consistent safekeeping is key to ensuring the best performance time and time again.

If you use an outboard motor, you know its powerful capabilities offer ultimate comfort and convenience for your outdoor excursion or adventure. But since they face harsh conditions in the water, these motors need proper care to keep them running for many years to come. We’ve compiled a general maintenance guide to help you get the most out of your motorized system. Here are three tips for maintaining your outboard marine motor.

Stick To Regular Maintenance Tasks

Like any piece of modern machinery or complex equipment, outboard motors will not respond well to long periods of non-use. As a self-propulsion system with moving parts, it’s best to try to run your outboard motor routinely during boating season. If you store your outboard motor for several months, be sure to clean and test the system before attaching it to your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, raft, or dingy once again.

Make cleaning a regular habit. Rinsing off your watercraft and motor helps reduce residue and improve overall longevity. A simple routine is key to preventing damage and boosting efficiency.

Clean Up and Inspect After Every Trip

Outboard motors save human-powered energy during an excursion but do need human-powered care after each trip. Inspecting the motor system after use is another of our three tips for maintaining your outboard marine motor. Thoroughly checking over the propeller or jet drive should become routine after pulling the motor out of the water. Nicks, cracks, or scratches on the impeller may reduce your watercraft’s speed. Obstructions near the water intake section can cause the motor to work harder and lead to system failure.

Always Check the Battery and Connections

Before heading out on the water, it’s also a wise idea to check over the battery charge and its connections. For reliable performance, the connections need to be solid and free of corrosion. Depending on the outboard system, freshwater and saltwater can also wreak havoc on the motor’s components. If you have a fairly active boating season each year, consider investing in a waterproof outboard system for peace of mind.

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