Bixpy Universal Kayak & Canoe Adapter

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With the Bixpy Universal Kayak & Canoe Adapter, you can attach your Bixpy Jet to virtually any kayak, canoe or similar watercraft. The aluminum pipes will adjust to accommodate virtually any length, and the mechanism includes an ingenious adjustment arm to accommodate a wide variety of slopes in the back of various kayaks.  

As every kayak is slightly different in shape and configuration, you will have to do a little bit of installation with this adapter, but rest assured, the Bixpy Universal Kayak & Canoe Adapter comes complete with all the nuts and bolts you’ll need and complete instructions.




  • Bixpy Universal Kayak & Canoe Adapter
  • All hardware required to attach to kayaks and canoes
  • Wire to run to your Bixpy Outboard Power Pack
  • Instructions sheets


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Additional features:
Easily attached to your Bixpy Jet Thruster
Attaches to virtually any kayak or canoe with adjustable hardware
Cable length from motor connector end to battery connector end (including blue pipe):
7.5 feet (2.3 m)
Length of vertical blue pipe:
23" (58 cm)
Length of horizontal blue pipe:
26.5" (67 cm)
Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant housing and components
Water use:
Marine grade stainless steel components for salt water or fresh water use

1 Review

Russ H. Aug 19th 2019

universal adapter

I like this adapter the best on my Hobie kayak. The universal adapter gives me back my rudder and mirage drive plus I like the kick-up feature.

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