Bixpy Magnetic Kill Switch

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Your Kill Switch is used to turn your Outboard Power Packs on and off.  You need to be wearing this leash on your at all times when motoring.  The leash does feature a floating handle that will allow it to float in case it's dropped in water.   


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1 Review

Theodore Kerrn Dec 4th 2018

Works but I've had a couple of issues with it

Works okay but pulls off battery pretty easily. Also, I rolled my kayak in the surf trying to get offshore. Somehow during this event, the battery must have fallen on the magnet and broke the plastic line eyelet off the plastic magnet housing. By some miracle I saw the magnet in the sand before the surf covered it and was still able to get out by putting the magnet on the battery without the leash (of course the magnet apart from the leash does not float). I had to purchase another entire assembly as I could not see a way to satisfactorily repair it. Probably a rare problem.

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