Motor Refresh Package and J-1 Motor Upgrade

Motor Refresh Package


Use this service to refresh your J-2 Motor

or to refresh and upgrade your J-1 Motor for compatability with the PP-768 Outboard Battery


Send us your WORKING Bixpy J-1 or J-2 Motor* and take advantage of our Motor Refresh Package


Starting at $129** our team will replace any worn motor components as well as perform diagnostics testing, cleaning, and provide estimates for additional repairs.  J-1 Motors will be upgraded for use with the PP-768 Outboard Battery


Click the link below to purchase a refresh and to receive a pre-paid shipping label

If your motor is not running and needs to be repaired, please submit a support ticket



* Refresh package is for one (1) Bixpy J1 or J2 motor in proper working condition.  Does not include Batteries or Adapters.

** Price includes pre-paid shipping label to and from Bixpy LLC.

** Customers will be provided an estimate for any repairs which do not fall under the $129 refresh package.  Additional repairs and charges will be performed at customers request.