Bixpy PowerShroud™ Motors


The mighty Bixpy PowerShroud™Motor is a 32lb thrust motor designed specifically for personal watercraft, offering the NoDrag™, no maintenance housing.

Our initial focus on motorizing kayaks quickly led us to completely rethink the way water propulsion was approached. 
While everyone else was trying to achieve more thrust by using bigger batteries and bigger props, we approached the design of our new product differently. Borrowing technology from hydro-electric dam turbines and jet engines, and by also modifying the motor and fine-tuning prop pitch, and most importantly adding air-foiling and flared ducting, we created what we now call the Bixpy PowerShroud™Motor. An optimized impeller jet system that is designed to work more efficiently than any propeller or jet drive system, allowing for super compactness and portability.

It also didn’t make sense that some motors could be used in salt water and some in fresh. So we went searching for technologies and materials that could be used in any water and in any condition.  

We spent a tremendous amount of time and resources sourcing and formulating plastics and metals that will not only survive the harshest conditions, but that are extremely lightweight and remarkably durable. To ensure a long lasting seal in salt or freshwater, we worked closely with our partners abroad to source the most corrosive resistant stainless steel on the planet for our motor shaft, a stainless steel that will far outlast the industry gold standard SS316. All exposed bolts are SS316 with an added titanium coating to withstand salt and sun. The motor’s heat sinks are made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum. Many of the main plastic components are made of a specialized ABS or ABS/polycarbonate infused with an anti-UV formulation to help withstand salt and sun. Where impact and movement come into play, we use a proprietary glass-filled nylon formula that is treated to last in saltwater and sun while also capable of taking a punch. All in all, we have left no stone unturned in sourcing and formulating materials that are made to last and withstand the harshest conditions one can throw at them. In short, you just can’t beat a Bixpy™!