The Bixpy SUP adapters offer a simple and quick way for you to replace your large middle fin with a Bixpy Jet motor.  

  • Click here to download the installation instructions for the US Fin Box instructions.
  • Click here to download the installation instructions for the Standard Fin Box instructions (or inflatable).


Videos Pictures


We’re always blown away at the creativity and handiwork of our users. Here are some of the highlights. These videos not only showcase great installs, but they are a great source of ideas for how you can motorize your kayaks or board. 

If you have a good video of an install, reach out to us, we would love to showcase your work and send you some Bixpy swag for the support!

Inflatable Paddle Board
by KayakDiy

Aqua Marina Beast 10.6 iSup
by Aliex Fishing

Live Watersports Paddle Board
by Aliex Fishing
Fish Stalker SUP
by Wishiwazfishin
Inflatable Paddle Board
by KayakDiy 


Bixpy offers two fin replacement options: US Fin and Standard Fin. Most paddle boards come with one of those fins. Please find below the differences between them:  

Type of Fin Pictures
US Fin Box bugz-cietais-epoxy-sup-delis-us-fin-box.jpgus-fin-page.png
Standard Fin Box sup.jpgstandard-fin-page.png