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With our Bixpy Holiday Gift Guide you can easily find any gift to match the water enthusiast in your life. Bixpy developed adapters, accessories and steering systems that will allow you to attach your Bixpy Jet to virtually any small watercraft you can imagine. Our Bixpy Kare Kits and other spare parts also make for great stocking stuffers!

  • Bixpy Main Power Cable

    Bixpy Main Power Cable

    This IS NOT an extension cord - Click here for Bixpy Extension Cables. The Bixpy Main Power Cable allows you to run your Bixpy J-2 Motor from your Bixpy Outboard Battery without having to attach the motor to an adapter.   The main use for...

  • Bixpy Simple Gudgeon Bixpy Simple Gudgeon

    Bixpy Simple Gudgeon

    The Bixpy Simple Gudgeon is needed to mount our Universal Rudder WillFit™ Adapter to most kayaks with pre-tapped mounting holes with screw inserts found on the stern of the kayak (such as Wilderness System, Necky, Ocean Kayak, Emotion,...

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  • Mounting Double Pipe Clamp

    Mounting Double Pipe Clamp

    This all aluminum, with all stainless steel hardware, double swivel pipe clamp allows you to join two pipes perpendicularly or in parallel.  The Bixpy Mounting Double Pipe Clamp is a dual-head swivel, rugged aluminum clamp that will...

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  • Clam Cleat

    Clam Cleat

    These clam cleats are used on kayaks and canoes, for controlling steering, seating and sails. Lock in your lines with this small clam cleat made for lines of up to 1/8”.  A small and lightweight nylon cleat. Advanced tooth technology to hold...

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  • Bixpy Ball Mount

    Bixpy Ball Mount

    Replacement Bixpy Ball Mount for Universal Kayak Adapter and Pro Angler Adapter.  Allows the mounting of a 1” diameter pipe onto a 1” RAM Ball or equivalent.

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  • Hobie Pro Angler Rudder Cover Hobie Pro Angler Rudder Cover

    Hobie Pro Angler Rudder Cover

    Replace your existing Hobie Pro Angler Cover for a sturdier platform to mount a RAM Ball. Sold individually, it does not ship with installation hardware nor the Ram ball. However, it does have 1/4" holes drilled for installation of a Ram Ball as shown...

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  • RAM Ball Mount - RAM-B-202U RAM Ball Mount - RAM-B-202U

    RAM Ball Mount - RAM-B-202U

    2.5" round plate connects to RAM® device holders containing the universal AMPS hole pattern Included B size 1" RAM® rubber ball allows for connection to any B size RAM® double socket arm; ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite...

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  • Universal Rudder Adapter (J-1 Motors) Universal Rudder Adapter (J-1 Motors)

    Universal Rudder Adapter (J-1 Motors)

    One of the simplest, fastest and most efficient ways to use the Bixpy J-1 Motor on a kayak is on the rudder of the kayak. However, not all kayaks have rudders and the ones that do, don’t always offer a robust enough rudder mount to run the...

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  • Bixpy WillFit™ Gudgeon Bixpy WillFit™ Gudgeon

    Bixpy WillFit™ Gudgeon

    The Bixpy WillFit™ Gudgeon is designed to allow the mounting of a rudder with a 10mm pin onto most kayaks, canoes, small sailboats or whatever else you can dream up.   The “spider” shape and the bendable stainless steel 316...

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  • Bixpy Foot Pedal Steering System Bixpy Foot Pedal Steering System

    Foot Pedal Steering System

    The Foot Pedal Steering System is a simple to use and robust foot pedal system which can provide steering for most Bixpy WillFit™ Adapters, including the Power Pole WillFit™ Adapter, the Universal Kayak & Canoe...

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  • Bixpy Standard Attachment

    Bixpy Standard Attachment

    The replacement Bixpy Standard Attachment is a complete kit to allow you to replace your damaged or broken standard attachment. This attachment is universal among all Bixpy J-1 Adapters. Please click here to download assembly sheet for this adapter...

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  • Bixpy PowerShroud™ Nose Clip Thruster Front Nose Clip

    Bixpy PowerShroud™ Nose Clip

    Replacement nose clip for Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor. This is a sacrificial piece that will break off in case of a hard impact and will need to be replaced.  This item is also sold as part of the Kare Kit for Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™...

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  • Super Lube - Silicone Lubricating Grease

    Super Lube - Silicone di-electric grease

    The Super Lube Multi-Purpose Grease with Syncolon (PTFE) - 3 oz. tube is a patented NLGI grade 2 heavy-duty, multipurpose synthetic lubricant. Prevents rust and corrosion while reducing friction for better connector mating. Ideal for lubricating Bixpy...

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  • Bixpy PowerShroud™ Propeller Bixpy Jet Propeller

    Bixpy PowerShroud™ Propeller

    Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor replacement propeller. This mighty propeller can generate more than 30 lb of thrust and is made of high-grade glassfilled nylon.  This product also ships as part of the Kare Kit for Bixpy J-1...

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  • Vertical Pipe Clip V2 Vertical Pipe Clip V2

    Vertical Pipe Clip V2

    Vertical Pipe Clip for Universal Kayak & Canoe Adapter, Power Pole Adapter and Pro Angler Adapter V2. Please note that depending on the adapter you're purchasing for, this clip will ship with slightly different hardware.  Please...

  • Bixpy Connector Caps Bixpy Connector Caps

    Bixpy Connector Cap

    Connector caps protect your connectors during storage and transportation. When your motor is in use, remove your connector caps to prevent them from coming loose and getting lost. The Bixpy Connector Caps are held to the connector body with a small...