Motors Only

Battery-Powered Outboard Motors  

The Bixpy J-2 Motor and its predecessor, the J-1 Motors, were both built with the small watercraft owner in mind. Bixpy’s battery-powered outboard motors are the only motors designed from the ground up to address every challenge in motorizing a kayak, a canoe, or a paddle board.

Small watercraft have limited space and limited ability to carry additional weight, so at less than 10 lb. for the motor and battery together, the Bixpy system is the lightest system on the market and yet delivers just as much of a punch as a conventional trolling motor five to six times its weight and size! This makes our design excellent as a kayak boat motor.

Bixpy’s battery-powered outboard motors use our patented PowerShroud™ technology, which combines the best parts of a propeller and an impeller to produce a hybrid water propulsion system that is not only whisper quiet but also super efficient. This is all in an outlet less than 2.5” (65mm), which is protected and safe to use around wildlife, as well as kids and swimmers.

Whether you use our device as a kayak, paddle board, or canoe outboard motor, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the water!