Why You Should Buy a New vs. Used Outboard Motor

Posted by Bixpy on Apr 27th 2022

Why You Should Buy a New vs. Used Outboard Motor

Debating within yourself whether you want something old versus something new is always a battle. You can create a list of the pros and cons, confusing yourself even more. If you are having this struggle about an outboard motor, let’s make it easier for you. Learn why you should buy a new vs. used outboard motor, allowing you to toss that pros-and-cons list away.

Enjoy the New Technology

Technological innovation makes things more effective, reliable, and valuable. Typically, things get better as time moves along. Outboard motors are no different, considering the advancements to today’s motors from years past. Newer outboard motors are easier to steer and have easy-to-use digital controls, sleek interfaces, and auto trim. An older outboard motor lacks those features, making an up-to-date one more desirable.

Easier To Get Service

Surely, everyone has had an experience where they must jump through hoops to get something fixed that may be borderline ancient. It can be challenging to find a willing shop that has the tools necessary to fix an older outboard motor.

The odds are that many of the parts are obsolete, requiring you to make the upgrade whether you’re ready for it or not. Additionally, some shops may turn you away, knowing that even if they fix it in the short term, it won’t last long term, hurting the credibility of their craftsmanship.

Fuel Efficiency

In today’s world, there are few things more critical than fuel economy. Taking a beating at the pump is frustrating enough, so soften the blow by having a motor that gets you more bang for your buck. Newer outboard motors are significantly more fuel-efficient than their predecessors. Ideally, a new outboard motor will increase the range by 30 percent, and it will be quieter too.


When you are going to fire up the motor, you don’t want to have to cross your fingers and your toes hoping it starts. You want to have a reliable motor that starts without any difficulties. You don’t want to gather your angling gear and set your dreams on catching a record number of fish, only to have those dreams dashed because of a faulty motor. A boat owner shouldn’t let their motor go over five years or 1,500 hours of use—whichever comes first.

Brand New Boats Can Be Too Expensive

Instead of purchasing a new motor for your old boat, you might consider buying a new boat instead. However, not everyone has pockets deep enough to splurge on a brand-new boat. Thus, the best strategy is to keep the boat and add a new engine to repower it while simultaneously upping its resale value. If you have the means to do that, then go for it.

These reasons why you should buy a new vs. used outboard motor provide insight into why a new motor is the best option. Bixpy is here to provide you with a new outboard motor and battery that you can trust wholeheartedly!