Why is Putting a Motor on Your Kayak Rudder so Popular?

Posted by Bixpy on Sep 2nd 2022

Why is Putting a Motor on Your Kayak Rudder so Popular?

Many kayaks (especially high-end kayaks) now ship with a rudder of some sort. These kayak rudders are either hand-controlled or controlled by some kind of foot pedal system on the kayak.

Even many kayaks that don't ship with rudders, many are rudder-ready. Many kayak manufacturers sell rudder kits for their kayaks. There are also several aftermarket generic rudders you can purchase for your kayak if it doesn’t already come with one.

How Can I Motorize My Kayak?

If you're thinking about motorizing your kayak, the Bixpy motor is a quick, no-hassle option to add a motor to your kayak in seconds. Click here to get your Bixpy J-2 Outboard kit!

There are two ways you can motorize your kayak's rudder with a Bixpy motor. If your kayak already has a gudgeon (that bracket that holds your rudder pin), then it's easy! Many kayaks use a 10mm (3/8") bracket for their rudders. If your kayak already has a 10mm rudder hole or is able to accept a Simple Gudgeon, then all you need is to purchase a hybrid rudder from Bixpy and you'll have a Bixpy motor on your kayak in seconds.

If your kayak doesn't have a gudgeon or has an awkwardly shaped stern, then you may need to get a little more creative. You will then need to add a more universal gudgeon to your kayaks, like the Bixpy WillFit Gudgeon.

The Bixpy WillFit Gudgeon is a flexible stainless steel rudder bracket made to fit a wide array of kayaks. Once you get this gudgeon in place, all you'll need is the Bixpy Universal Rudder Adapter (also known as a Vibe Gravity Rudder) and you're adding a motor to your kayak in seconds.

How do I Put a Motor on My Kayak Rudder?

If you already have a nice sturdy rudder on your kayak and simply want to motorize it, you don't need any adapters. All you need to do is drill 4 small holes in your existing rudder and you'll be able to screw your Bixpy motor right onto your rudder! Keep in mind, if your rudder doesn't lock down in reverse, you will not be able to go in reverse with the motor as it will kick up and out of the water! Click here to download a template you can use to cut out your rudder or fin to fit the J-2 motor adapter.

Why is Putting a Motor on Your Kayak Rudder so Popular?

Motorizing your kayak's rudder is a popular choice because it offers a few distinct advantages:

  1. A motorized rudder offers exceptional steerability
  2. Motors always perform better on the stern of watercraft and feel more natural
  3. Because the motor is not inserted into the hull of the kayak, there's no amplified noise or vibration from the motor
  4. Rudders kick up, so if you approach shallow water, you don't need to worry about damaging your motor.
  5. It's a super-light option. The rudder adapter and gudgeon weight amount 1kg or about 2lb.
  6. It's fast!! Motorized rudders outperform most other adapters.
  7. It's easy to remove when you're ready to store your kayak.

The one thing to keep in mind when deciding to motorize your rudder with a Bixpy motor is the quality and sturdiness of your rudder and the stern of your kayak. Most well-made kayaks will handle the extra demand a motor places on the material.

If you're not sure about your best options for motorizing your kayak, send us an email (help@bixpy.com) or reach out to us through social media with your questions.