Tips for Keeping Your Devices Charged While Camping

Posted by Bixpy on Sep 7th 2021

Tips for Keeping Your Devices Charged While Camping

Mountaineer John Muir once noted, “Out of all the paths you take in your life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” For humankind, camping is a wonderful way to get out and explore the great outdoors. Not to mention that you’ll get to breathe in the fresh air and discover the true sense of nature.

When you have the opportunity to pack up your tent and gear and head off on an adventure, you may like to bring along a few modern conveniences. Never fear—a plethora of avenues are available to ensure your electronics stay charged. Let’s take a closer look at a few top tips for keeping your devices charged while camping.

Preserve Your Device’s Battery Life

Of all the tips and tricks for keeping your devices charged while camping, preserving your battery tops the list. You never know for sure if you’ll end up in a situation where you cannot charge your devices at all. Never leave a device in direct sunlight in order to conserve battery life. Instead, keep it covered or in the shade. The majority of batteries perform best at room temperature.

To preserve your smartphone’s battery, be sure to turn down the brightness level. Utilize power-saving mode or airplane mode if you're unsure when or where the next charge will occur. Turn any device off if it’s not in use or not needed for a designated amount of time.

Utilize Portable Solar Panels

When no electricity supply is available in the wilderness, you need to turn to alternative solutions. Fortunately, advancements and innovations in technology can guarantee an electricity source no matter where you are or where you go.

Portable solar panels are a leading option that harvests energy directly from the sun. Panels tend to be compact and lightweight, and the sun even comes through the clouds if the weather conditions are not ideal. You can easily connect your devices or a rechargeable power bank for extra security and peace of mind. When choosing a solar panel, consider variances in output, connections, and overall size and weight.

Bring Along Rechargeable Power Banks

Last but certainly not least, bring along a high-quality and reliable power bank. Within the power bank market, a wide array of options and capacities exist for today’s consumers. Smaller power banks or larger power stations are wise investments to always have on hand. These common go-to power sources can hold power longer than any device’s battery can hold its charge.

When choosing a power bank or station, consider its capacity, number of connections, and overall size and weight. Bixpy’s PP-166 Power Station is a portable power bank for sale—one that’s an ideal power solution for anyone with an adventurous spirit. Our waterproof power station provides ultimate value with its rugged, submersible, and lightweight durability. Compatible with portable solar panels, hours of power is at your fingertips for any of your favored personal toys. Glance over its numerous beneficial features on our site today.