Tips for Camping Off the Grid & Staying Safe

Posted by Bixpy on Dec 9th 2021

Tips for Camping Off the Grid & Staying Safe

With all the noise and distraction that the real world offers, it’s tempting to back up your gear and go off the grid. However, that idea is more straightforward said than done, particularly if you don’t know everything you need to consider. Follow these tips for camping off the grid and staying safe so you can come back to society how you left it.

Bring a Portable Power Supply

Although you want to eliminate all the distractions, you still need to have access to a power source in case of an emergency. An outdoor portable power station is essential to provide some juice for all your electronic devices. A solar-powered version is an ideal choice because sunshine is all it needs. Being out in the wild doesn’t mean you need to be reckless, so keep the phones and other necessary equipment handy.

Stay Hydrated

In terms of overpacking, doing so with water may not be a bad idea. You can estimate how much you’ll need for a ballpark number, but you don’t want to ration when dehydration is possible. Bring a portable water filter along if you are worried about the weight and packing extra water. A filter lets you get clean drinking water in a pinch.

Avoid Problem Areas

Do the proper research to ensure you’re not veering off to a dangerous location. For example, if bears are prone to gather in a particular spot, it’s a wise idea to steer clear of that area entirely. Another way to combat risk is having some protection if you need to defend yourself from curious wildlife—whatever that may be.

Pack a First-Aid Kit

How many times have you been at home and needed a band-aid that you don’t have? Now, take that same situation and put yourself in the woods where you are miles away from civilization. That’s precisely why everyone needs to bring a first-aid kit along for the trip.

Fill it with all the bare necessities someone would need when camping, especially if that person requires medication. It’s not fun to assume the worst thing can happen, but packing your first-aid kit that way prevents you from forgetting something.

Never Go Alone

Assuming you are with your family or friends, don’t go anywhere alone. You don’t want your relaxing camping trip to turn into a real-life version of the Blair Witch Project. Always stay close together and slow down if someone is struggling to keep up, especially at night when it’s pitch-black outside. All it takes is one wrong step before you end up lost, and you don’t want to find your way back by your lonesome.

Lock up

Locking up your belongings provides a sense of security before you head out for your daily activities. While there probably aren’t any woods people living among you, the food supply and other materials may attract some wildlife to poke their head around your campsite. If you have a finite supply of perishable items, you can’t afford a hungry bear to come in to fulfill their hunger.

Those are the most important tips for camping off the grid and staying safe. We hope you enjoy your adventurous excursion! Bixpy has several supplies that you’ll need to guarantee the fact you have a safe, quality camping time.