The Perks of Choosing a Battery-Powered Outboard Motor

Posted by Bixpy on Jan 10th 2022

The Perks of Choosing a Battery-Powered Outboard Motor

Nowadays, electric cars are becoming more of the norm than the exception in society. And that trend is starting to take over the water as well. The perks of choosing a battery-powered outboard motor provide you with plenty of reasons to make the switch today.

Peace and Quiet

A loud motor is a deterrent to everyone above and below the surface. For you, it can be a pain to talk to members of your party and scream over the boisterous motor. Additionally, if you plan on fishing, the noises and vibrations will cause the fish to scatter, limiting your catching radius. An outboard motor doesn’t need to shift gears, and the low-speed operation allows for easy use for those looking to relax.

Pays for Itself

The acquisition of a battery-powered outboard motor is more of an investment. Yes, the initial cost is higher than its gas counterparts. However, at worst, you will break even based on various factors that add up over time with standard motors. For example, think about how much you pay to fill your motor with gasoline at the pump. Compare that to the cost of charging your motor. Approximately, each charge is less than $1.50 worth of power from the charger, almost three times less than a single gallon of gas.

Charging Options

Some may fear that their battery-powered watercraft may not have enough juice to keep up with a full day on the water. But most boaters know how much time they have to enjoy the open water, and most outboard motors have a helpful interface that gives you an idea of how to plan the day.

However, you can always bring an extra battery pack for extra security. With the rising popularity of these motors, several charging options are available around the docks. Plus, you can also use Earth’s natural solar and wind power resources to get the hull moving.

Reduced Maintenance

A fuel-powered motor requires constant maintenance, including winterizing it once the fishing season ends. Fortunately, a battery-powered outboard motor doesn’t necessitate hardly any upkeep if the engine is down by the foot of the watercraft. However, if the motor is on top like a traditional motor, you will need to occasionally replace some parts, though you won’t need to do so as often as a standard gasoline-powered engine.

The perks of choosing a battery-powered outboard motor are plentiful across multiple avenues. Check out Bixby’s supply of these highly efficient pieces of modern technology and put the traditional engine out to pasture.