The next batch of motors is on the way!

Just a quick update on our production, delivery and the first batch of motors sent out.

We’re thrilled to have shipped out more than 6 dozen motors and batteries to some of our first supporters and backers over the last few weeks.

As this was the first time the Bixpy Jets were put into the "wild", we received some very positive feedback and some much-appreciated test results from our first users.

Like any new and complex product, we had a few issues that turned up on large-scale testing but they are all small and very manageable. These issues have already been resolved and solutions implemented into the next batch of motors and batteries.

The next (much larger) batch of product arrives in the US on October 30. From there, it will take us roughly 2 weeks to clear customs, after which we will prepare orders for shipping.

We have already started contacting most of you to confirm your address and preference for your adapters and battery choices. Please keep an eye out for our emails and get back to us to let us know what your preference is for your outboard adapter kit and which battery capacity you’d prefer for your Swim Jets.

As always, we want to thank the community of kind and encouraging users who have now become an integral part of our company’s fabric. Over the last 6 weeks, we have worked tirelessly to improve, change or amend our product and services based on dozens of feedback items received from all of our supporters.

We will continue to add videos and content to our "Installation Guide Page” and through our Social media channels. If you have any questions or would like to see something in particular, always reach out to us at:

All the best,
Bixpy Team