The Ecological Benefits of Battery-Powered Outboard Motors

Posted by Bixpy on May 16th 2022

The Ecological Benefits of Battery-Powered Outboard Motors

Deciding which outboard motor is best for your personal watercraft depends on various factors. Some have a greater environmental impact than others. Knowing the ecological benefits of battery-powered outboard motors will show you why it is a great option.

Zero Pollutants in the Water

The effects gas and oil have on water are astonishing, particularly when you consider leaks that the boat owner might not even see. The primary reason why water pollution is so detrimental to the environment is that it hurts the lifeforms that inhabit it.

Even the most minuscule amount of oil can pollute the water. Only one liter of oil can contaminate up to one million liters of water. It’s scary once you do the math and realize how much damage gas engines can do.

Green Energy Leads to an Efficient Motor

Everyone strives to maximize their efficiency, especially as it relates to an outboard motor. Having the newest, top-of-the-line outboard motor will power your vessel with green energy without losing performance.

Not at Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One of the most significant advantages of a battery-powered outboard motor is that it produces no emissions. Dangerous pollutants like carbon monoxide do not disperse into the environment. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is many people’s biggest fear. Many people have specific detectors to alert them if there is a trace of it in their home, but they don’t have them on board. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real possibility for those who are operating a gas motor. Not only do fuel, spills, and leaks hurt the fish below the surface, but they could also have grave consequences for you.

Additional Benefits

The ecological benefits of battery-powered outboard motors don’t even consider the other benefits. One of its premium benefits is that it’s silent. That’s a great thing for you, considering how noisy older motors can be. Additionally, you can bypass the frustrating winterization process when the battery powers it.

The J-2 Motor at Bixby is the best battery outboard motor system you could want. The extremely lightweight battery offers your motor hours of clean, silent power. Contact our staff with any questions you may have. We want to ensure your happiness.