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Sustainable Boating Tips for Eco-Conscious Boaters

Sustainable Boating Tips for Eco-Conscious Boaters

Posted by Bixpy on Nov 15th 2021

As the late environmentalist and conservationist Steve Irwin believed, “We need to reach a balance where people, habitat, and wildlife can coexist—if we don’t, everyone loses… one day.” To effectively conserve the wonderful resource of our planet’s waterways for future generations, humanity needs to learn how to coexist with the life within our beloved waters. How can we better protect and care for these crystal blue waters while enjoying all this natural resource has to offer? It’s not a simple feat, that’s for sure.

In the context of the environment and our efforts to harmonize—and not intentionally harm it—sustainability is key. Avid aquatic lovers must be aware of how their activities affect the environment, especially devoted boaters. Boats, watercraft, and seafaring vessels can inflict damage that lies unseen far below the water’s surface. We must be mindful now to have a wide-reaching preservation impact for the future.

Never fear—we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to minimize subaquatic footprints and maintain responsible stewardship for the world’s wondrous waterways. Let’s examine these fundamental sustainable boating tips for eco-conscious boaters.

Sweat the Small Stuff: Balk at Bad Habits

First and foremost, one of the core sustainable boating tips for eco-conscious boaters is to concern yourself with the small stuff. Yes, that means having regard for the more trivial things involved with boating regularly. These minor details can become more serious than you realize in the grand scheme of life. As a responsible human living on Earth, your own actions matter. You can easily adapt and adopt greener habits to minimize your individual footprint.

Sidestep Any Sort of Water Pollution

You probably already know the drill, but let’s run through it again here: avoid zealously polluting the waters with any personal trash, sewage, mechanical oils, tank fuels, or gray water leakage during a boating trip. These pollutants can disrupt a location’s ecosystem and food chain. Proper boat maintenance, cleaning, and disposal are the best sustainable solutions to this situation.

Our environment’s waterways are no one’s private junkyard. We can prevent another litter abomination on any scale—such as the “Pacific Trash Vortex”—if each boater does their part. Examples of pollution include paper, plastic, glass, and Styrofoam. Take advantage of any docks, marinas, or facilities that offer trash and recycle bins. Otherwise, keep items onboard until you can clean up and empty the vessel offshore.

Adhere to Simple Fishing Courtesies

The keen anglers of the world should remain cognizant of other eco-conscious practices. Sustainable fishing enthusiasts can opt for biodegradable lures, lines, and nontoxic weights and hooks. Be sure to take proper care of your tackle and fishing line, and untangle it from any branches, plants, and structures.

Abstain from cleaning off fish on public boat ramps or docks. Proper catch-and-release practices also help to increase the survival chances of any catch. Most of all, it’s in everyone’s best interest to respect local guidelines and adhere to catch sizes and bag limits for certain locations and seasons. Conserving fish species and fisheries for the future is another critical duty for eco-conscious boating anglers.

Stop the Damage: Exercise Caution During Operation

Do you know one of the easiest ways that non-native plants, animals, and creatures spread in new areas? These invasive species come along for the ride on boat propellers, hulls, motors, trailers, and other equipment. The repercussions are unfortunate for everyone.

These dangerous intruders can cause untold devastation to the native aquatic species in that specific ecosystem. The indirect and direct effects can permanently alter the natural habitat and cause extinction. If you’re an avid boater who travels and takes your vessel in and out of different recreational areas, you should be careful about not bringing any little friends along.

Don’t forget to take special care when boating in sensitive and shallow areas. Any boat with a propeller system can wreak havoc on underwater wildlife and habitats in these places. Kicking up sediment or scratching subaquatic structures also hinders water clarity. Stay aware of varying water levels in your location and avoid traveling at higher speeds. Take your time when navigating through these waterways until you reach sufficient depths and appropriate wake zones.

Consider Alternative Outboard Motors: Electric Systems

Boating sustainably isn’t just about operating the right fuel-efficient watercraft. These days, eco-friendly boating makes use of the right type of motor. Water enthusiasts can consider upgrading or investing in an electric-based system. These 100 percent valid eco-friendly solutions utilize pre-charged energy to propel and move the boat forward—no mess involved. High-performing electric outboard motors are safe options that don’t consume fuel or emit greenhouse gases into the air and water.

Innovation is at an all-time high for electric propulsion outboards. More specialized products continue to make their way to the modern marketplace. Boaters can cruise around for hours with the supplied power with absolutely zero emissions. Above all, the best part is that the energy that fuels the electric engines can also come from renewable resources, such as the wind or sun. Users can recharge their outboard motor battery for use utilizing solar energy.

This small change for your own boat or personal watercraft can change the way you navigate rivers, lakes, and seas, and help you decrease your carbon footprint. Compact, clean, and convenient, electric motors can help eco-conscious boaters and paddlers avoid useless noise and water pollution and travel efficiently through various waterways.

Life Boosted: The Bixpy Difference

If you’re considering investing in an outboard motor system for your watercraft, opt for electric to go green. Here at Bixpy, we believe in the unique asset of electric propulsion to power mainstream boats and personal water vessels alike. Our famous jet propulsion system is the perfect choice for boaters, kayakers, rafters, paddlers, and more who crave an eco-conscious alternative.

Bixpy offers Power Shroud technology with an optimized impeller jet system. Water enthusiasts can greatly benefit from Bixpy’s J-2 Outboard system to explore and maneuver local, regional, or national waterways—either fresh water or salt water. Check out its specs and watch product videos on our site today. An environmentally friendly and sound experience awaits.