Signs You Need To Motorize Your Kayak

Posted by Bixpy on May 16th 2022

Signs You Need To Motorize Your Kayak

Whether it be fishing or sightseeing, kayaking has taken the center stage in the past couple of years in the water sports world. What started as a simple way to fish with one rod and a paddle has now become a way for skilled fishermen and women to up their game and expand their abilities. Motorized kayaks are giving people more possibilities, which is why hobbyists and fishermen alike are all opting for motorizing their kayaks. While many may be unsure about motorizing their kayak, there are a couple of signs that let you know that it’s something you would benefit from. That’s why in today’s blog, we’ll be going over the top signs you need to motorize your kayak:

You Get Tired From Paddling

A sign that you need to motorize your kayak is if you find yourself getting tired. Even the fittest kayaker will get tired from paddling non-stop. Sometimes, one would like a break without having to stop the kayak. With a motorized kayak, you can turn on the motor and get your kayak going without having to over-exhaust yourself. Motorized kayaks will also help kayakers with little stamina or disabilities. This gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy kayaking without their physical capabilities stopping them.

You Want to Increase Your Range of Travel

One of the biggest problems with traditional kayaking is that you have to carefully measure the distance you plan to travel as you have to make sure you’ll have a sufficient amount of stamina to paddle yourself back on time. If you’re hoping to travel longer distances on your kayak, it’s a sign that you need to motorize your kayak. Having an extra source of power will allow you to go further since you paddle on the way there, and motorize on the way back. You have more options=s and are no longer limited to your bodily limits. By being able to cover more water, you’ll be able to explore more places and see new sights!

You Want to Chill and Enjoy a Relaxing Ride

While getting physical is great, sometimes one would simply like to chill and enjoy a relaxing ride without having to break a sweat. After a heavy day of work, there’s nothing like de-stressing with a relaxing ride on your motorized kayak! You won't be limited by the conditions of the water. Your kayak will easily break through any choppy water you may encounter.

You Want to Save Time

A kayak powered by a Bixpy motor will allow you to reach high speeds. This means you can get to your destinations quicker. As previously mentioned, you can travel further distances, so you’ll be able to get to more places in a shorter amount of time. Just because you have less time doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to do what you love. Simply motorize your kayak and save some time!

You Want to Enjoy a More Thrilling Kayak Experience

Another major sign that you need to motorize your kayak, is if you want to enjoy a more thrilling kayak experience. No one can deny the fact that a motorized kayak offers a more thrilling ride as you’re able to reach higher speeds. It can feel like you’re water skiing! If you’re looking for some added excitement, motorizing your kayak is for you!

Motorize Your Kayak With Bixpy

Whether you find yourself often getting tired from paddling, or you simply want to enjoy a more thrilling kayaking experience, these are all signs that you need to motorize your kayak! Remember, motorizing your kayak doesn't mean your kayak has become a permanent motorboat. You can switch from a motor-powered kayak to a human-powered kayak at any time! If you're ready to motorize your kayak, Bixpy has just the motor you need! ! Feel free to explore all of our motor options by clicking here.