Shipping Update

This is a quick update on the shipment status of the next batch of Bixpy Jets.

As you may know, we received and began shipping the first batch of Bixpy Jets very recently. This was our pilot batch of product and aside from a few small adjustments, things are in good order and we were able to continue with the larger production without much delay.

Our team in China has finalizing these adjustments and will have a large batch of product shipped to us shortly after the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays in China. We expect to receive this batch of product at the end of October and ship out immediately from our San Diego warehouse.

Please note that international shipments are especially challenging due to the lithium batteries and take longer than other products.

You can now find all of our installation instructions and a link to download the Bixpy User Manual at: Another great resource for common questions and information is our FAQ page:

Thanks for your continued support and please stay tuned for more news.

Best wishes all!
The Bixpy Team