Say Hello To Our Newest Outboard Battery

Posted by Bixpy on Feb 14th 2023

Say Hello To Our Newest Outboard Battery

The Bixpy PP-768 Outboard Battery and Outboard Kit

Bixpy motors (both J-1 and J-2 models) have been shipping with our industry-leading PP-333 and PP-378 batteries since late 2017.

And although the 300 series batteries have been amazing in getting you on the water and keeping you out longer, there are always those who want more power, more battery and longer days on the water.

So we went back to the drawing board and decided to make a battery that will outlast all your other equipment. We felt it was not sufficient to simply blow things up, but a larger battery should be based on a completely different chassis. After 2 years of R&D and multiple iterations, we feel we have the perfect companion to our world-renowned motors.

Introducing the PP-768 Outboard Battery!!

Right from the start, we knew we wanted to build a battery with an aluminum shell. Aluminum is light, durable, easy to work with and environmentally friendlier than plastic.

Of course, it was a no brainer that we chose the LiFePO battery cell chemistry that lasts longer and discharges at a much more stable voltage for a cleaner run with the motors.

Then to get more power out of the battery, we knew we had to reduce the heat generated during the battery discharge cycle. So we separated the brain and the battery core. You'll notice from the pictures that the battery control system is a separate plug-in module that removes from the battery core. Combined with the LiFePO4 cells, the aluminum body and the venting system built into the shell, we reduced heat retention in the PP-768 by more than 300%!!

The separation of brain from muscle also opened other doors for us. Separating the brain from the core allows us to later upgrade and sell modules that can offer new features and more flexibility without needing to change your battery core. This is especially important since your battery core has a lifespan of about 10 years!!

Of course, the entire battery housing is completely waterproof, dust proof, and salt and fresh water ready.

We added standard t-tracks to 3 sides of the battery housing. This makes the housing of the PP-768 far more flexible by allowing the attachment of handles, accessories or even mounting devices to your battery. Because the aluminum body of the battery is super sturdy, it makes a great platform for mounting off these T-Tracks.

To give the battery more functionality, we added a 13th turbo speed to this battery. So now, you can get an additional 5 lb of thrust out of your existing motors with the PP-768!

We also added a "Warp Speed" option. You can use the same remote and immediately get to speed 12 by clicking the forward speed twice. No more working through the speeds. Straight to top speed with two clicks.

With 768 watt hours of power, this battery will run your Bixpy J-2 motor for over 2 hours at full speed and up to 24 hours of trolling!!

Click here to watch an introductory video covering all the features of the PP-768 and click here for full specs and to buy yours now!!