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Same Day Shipping Still Available

Same Day Shipping Still Available

Posted by Bixpy LLC on Mar 25th 2020

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick update on Bixpy Jet shipments and stock during the COVID-19 Virus crisis.

Since we had prepared for a busy summer season early this year and had product stocked for spring and summer, we have a full inventory of all of our motors, batteries, adapters, and accessories.

As all of our adapters are assembled in the US and some of them depend on other local companies delivering parts to us for final delivery, we are experiencing some short delays on fulfilling orders with some of the adapters, however, at this point, these are generally 24 to 48-hour delays and are not significantly affecting our delivery.

Our support team is working off-site and, as always, will get back to all support questions in 24 to 48 hours, and any repairs and warranty items will be dealt with as expeditiously as our reality allows.

On a positive note, kayaking, paddle boarding and generally getting out on the water is a great way to get outdoors without close contact with others. So grab your board or kayak and hit the water, get some fresh air and exercise during these trying times. But please avoid contact with others and be sure to obey local laws regarding closed beaches and parks and do not go out if you're ordered not to do so.

Stay safe on and off the water!!

Houman Nikmanesh
CEO & Founder