​Product Release Update

We would like to give you a full update on our most recent developments as we continue to push through with the production of the Bixpy Jets.


Last week we met with all of our suppliers and manufacturers in China and although things are progressing very well, we have hit a few bumps that will inevitably slow us down and push our release date to May.

The two elements that have slowed us down are the miscalculation of Chinese New Year and the immense amount of work that has gone into figuring out how to certify and ship high-capacity lithium batteries.

Although these were both items we had taken into consideration, we were not expecting either to be quite as time consuming.


The implementation of the LED light on the Swim Jets has been a very contentious issue for us from the beginning. After many redesigns of this feature, we have decided that the light it provides is neither helpful nor usable by most divers and not worth all the negative side effects in creates.

So without risking the project, we will be taking out the LED feature. Since this feature was initially offered, we are working with a factory to provide our initial backers with an external flashlight option that will mount to the Bixpy Jets. Please stayed tuned for more info on this.

Because of these minor setbacks, we are likely looking at about a 6 to 8 week delay on the overall project. So at this point, we’re looking at first shipments out in May of this year with continuing shipments throughout the summer for orders that are placed March 1st and onwards.


Throughout the past few months of taking the product into production, we have had a chance to fine tune some of the features and have been able to add more than a few dozen improvements to the Jets and the battery packs. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The motors now have a grass cutter on the prop to deal with weed and sea grass
  • We have negotiated better batteries for the same price - so longer run times!
  • The motors are now equipped with mechanical water sensors - more protection.
  • We have redesigned the outboard battery to be much shallower and sleeker - pictures coming soon.
  • We have managed to shave off some weight of the Jets!
  • We have developed 3 new attachments during this time

Please continue to check our website and stalk us on social media for the latest news, pictures and videos.

We would like to thank you for your patience and continued support!

The Bixpy Team